How to protect a PDF you send?

PDF Tracking
Juliette Belfiore
10 November 2022


At Mailtracker, security comes first. We have imagined a very simple and useful tool to secure the documents you send.

Do you sometimes hesitate before sending a PDF because you do not want your documents to be shared with third parties? Or exhibited on the web? Tired of your content being copied and pasted? Do you want to check if your PDF has been read?

MailTracker allows you to protect your documents with 3 different levels of security.

It allows adding an expiration date to your PDF, authorizing or not the download and protecting it with a password.

It's a revolution in sending pdf securely! Not only useful in many ways, MailTracker PDF sending is also a way to:

  • reduce footprint email
  • control the life pdf after sending
  • add value to your documents

Sending a secure PDF with Mailtracker allows you to retrieve the data of its activities. You can know if your recipient has read your document, how many pages, and when.

🔐Protect. 📧Send. 📈Track. All from your Gmail.

We explain everything in detail in this article on how to send a secure PDF.

1/ Why send a secure PDF with MailTracker?

Add value to your document

Adding security gives value to your document and also imparts value to your recipient. This adds a relationship of trust between both parties.

Control your document sending

Choosing security when sending your pdf lets you to control its future: you do not want the document to end up on the web or be shared with third parties.

Get valuable information

Thanks to Mailtracker, you can secure the sending of your document and obtain data from it.

You know if your recipient:

  • read your pdf,
  • what page did he read,
  • when,
  • how many times, 
  • how long he remained on your document.

2/ How to send a PDF with MailTracker?

Have you always dreamed of sending a secure document without knowing how? 

Sending a PDF with MailTracker is very simple. It's almost exactly like sending a PDF in a standard way, with the possibility to add your security level.

Step 1 > Click on the "pdf" button, at the bottom of your email in your Gmail interface, next to your "send" button.

Step 2 > Drag and drop your PDF into the MailTracker window.

Step 3 > Select your MailTracker security level from the three options.

Step 4 > See your Mailtracker pdf icon activated: your PDF has been encrypted in your email. Ready to send like any other email!

💡Good to know: Your PDF can be deleted at any time. Picture it: you have made a huge mistake in your document! Or maybe you have sent the wrong document? Or to the wrong person? You can revoke your document from the MailTracker sidebar at any time!

3/ Choose your security levels

There are different levels of email and privacy. With Mailtracker, you can control the security level of each PDF you send.

Here are the 3 options:

✅Allow downloading the PDF

✅Add an expiration date to your document

✅Ask for a password when your recipient wants to open it

Allow or not allow download

By activating it, the recipient could download the document you send to their computer. 

🚫If you do not check this option, the recipient could simply read the document without ever downloading it. 

It's up to you whether you prefer your document to remain in the hands of the recipient whom you sent it to in the first place.

Add an Expiration Date

Adding an expiration date when you send a pdf is a very useful option for many reasons. 

  • Attached documents take up space

First of all, have you ever wondered why you keep all those documents attached to your email forever? It takes up quite a bit of space in your Gmail and holds quite a bit of environmental footprint for nothing. When a document is read, sometimes there is no need to keep it for so long.

  • PDF documents become obsolete

In certain cases a document is accurate for a time being, then it expires. Adding an expiration date prevents someone from getting wrong information if it is no longer correct.

Protect your PDF with a password

Some documents are very “touchy” so you really need the trust of your recipient.

This option only allows people to whom you have given the password access to open the PDF. You can update your password or deactivate it at any time.

Here are some cases in the password request could be very interesting:

  • For administrative documents
  • Legal exchange documents, 
  • Business proposals
  • Sending payslips
  • Privacy documents

💻Or simply to avoid hacking :)

4/ Track data from your PDF 

📈With MailTracker, you can secure your PDF and gets data from it. 

In Mailtracker's sidebar, you can see email tracking information along with your tracked PDF files, as you can see in the image above.

About the PDF part, you are able to see : 

  • if users opened the document, 
  • where they spent their time page by page, 
  • whether they downloaded it or not. 

Its sleek and ergonomic design lets you access all the information at a glance👁️.

5/ Send a secure PDF from your Gmail

The powerful added value of Mailtracker is that you don't have to leave Gmail.

No website to search for, no pdf to modify, no other login to enter…

It's your Gmail interface, completed with the intelligence of MailTracker.

No need to change your work habits, nor your client's. 

MailTracker is your tiny tool that gives you security and information from emails and PDFs you send.

Secure file sharing and email tracking for Gmail

Track every emails and documents that you’ll be send. Know exactly who and when your PDF are opened and never miss an opportunity to follow up again.

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