10 lessons that I would've loved to know before starting a cold email campaign (1/4)

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13 November 2023


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Welcome onboard the number 1 e-mail merging tool for Gmail.

This is the first of a series of 4 articles written to give you every tip you need to get more emails opened, get more replies, and close more sales. 

Did you know that emails are used by almost 50% of the world’s population and that the purchase decision is influenced by email marketing in 59% of e-commerce customers? (CaptainWords, 2022).

What you need to know before we start 

UnliScale is the best way to send your emails AND avoid being flagged as spam. UnliScale is an email merging tool for Gmail that allows you to send personalized bulk emails to multiple recipients by merging data from a spreadsheet or Excel database with a template email. 

Our tool automates the process of customizing individual emails based on the recipient's information, ensuring each email feels tailored and personal. 

To minimize the risk of your emails landing in the spam folder, the tool allows you to dispatch your emails in controlled batches. You can determine both the number of emails in each batch and the specific timing of these batches. 

1/ Segment Your Audience: tailor your cold emails for increased relevance

Cold email success hinges on relevance. By segmenting your audience, you can tailor messages to specific groups or individuals, enhancing their pertinence. According to MailChimp, segmented campaigns see a 14.32% higher open rate than non-segmented ones, underscoring the importance of personalized outreach in cold emailing.

According to HubSpot, emails that are segmented and targeted account for 58% of all revenue in email marketing campaigns. This statistic emphasizes the value of segmenting your cold email audience to deliver more personalized and relevant content, as it can significantly contribute to a company's revenue generation.

2/ Craft an Engaging Subject Line: your subject line should pique interest without being clickbait.

Keep in mind: subject lines 5 words+ long are opened <50% of the time

A compelling subject line is crucial for ensuring your emails are opened and read. The best subject lines strike a balance between being informative and engaging, without sounding too salesy. 

Here are key elements you should know to elevate your subject line impact and boost your open rates 👍

  • SPARK CURIOSITY: Boosts open rate by +24%.

👉🏻 Keep some information hidden to lure readers into wanting more. Pair this with a compelling email to clinch the engagement.

  • POSE QUESTIONS: Boosts open rate by +21%.

👉🏻 Such intriguing cues raise the odds of recipients opening the email. Research from 1.2 million cold emails showed a 10% higher open rate for question-based subjects. Questions engage; they're an impactful engagement tool.

  • ADD A PERSONAL TOUCH: Boosts open rate by +32.5%.

👉🏻 This tailored approach notably augments open rates. A feeling of acknowledgment makes your message shine amidst the digital noise.

  • AMPLIFY FOMO & URGENCY: Boosts open rate by +25%.

Crafting subject lines that play on the FOMO taps into the innate fear of missing vital information. This emotion motivates action. 

👉🏻Using this tactic triggers prompt action, making sure emails don't merely get a glance but a reaction. 💥 Evoking a fear of missing out ensures your audience's undivided attention💥.

  • INTEGRATE NUMBERS: Boosts open rate by +33%.

Numbers offer succinct clarity in email subjects. 

👉🏻 They're attention-grabbers that lend instant authenticity. Our analysis unveiled a staggering 13.3% increase in open rates for subjects containing numbers, reinforcing their potency in marketing communication.

Here are our top 5 for “best subject line”

1️⃣ The list title: "The 15 must-read novels..."

2️⃣ The teasing title: "This fashion trend you need to know about".

3️⃣ The secret is finally revealed! "MidJourney: we've finally found the prompts for...".

4️⃣ Titillating the reader's ego: "Do you really know the words to...".

5️⃣ Dismantling an established truth "No, China is not the first..."

💡 UnliScale Pro tip: consider logging your email subjects in an Excel sheet and then evaluate the open rates using UnliScale tracking tool. By zeroing in on the best-performing subjects and fine-tuning them, you can craft an optimal subject line approach!

3/  Don’t be flagged as spam

Avoiding the dreaded spam folder is crucial for effective email marketing.

To ensure your emails reach their intended inboxes, it's imperative to follow key deliverability factors. 

1️⃣First, maintain a clean mailing list by regularly removing unengaged subscribers. 

2️⃣Second, use clear, non-deceptive subject lines. 

3️⃣Third, avoid spam trigger words like "free" or "guarantee." 

4️⃣Forth, ensure you're complying with laws like the CAN-SPAM Act, which mandates an "unsubscribe" option in every email. 

5️⃣Lastly, monitor your sending reputation; a poor one can result in undelivered emails. 

By adhering to these guidelines, you increase the likelihood of your messages being seen and engaged with.

4/ Personalization is Key 

Mentioning the recipient's name and showing genuine interest in their work or company can improve response rates.


✅ Dedicate time for thorough research: deeply understand your targets.

✅ Explore their websites, LinkedIn profiles, and other social platforms.

✅ Dive into their unique traits, hobbies, likes, and aspirations.

✅ Did they interact with your site? Decode their needs, browsing behavior, purchase tendencies, and any pertinent insights you can uncover.


A compelling introduction is a sentence custom-made for each lead. The essence of a perfect opener? Express genuine curiosity and understanding.

✅ Address them personally: “Hello, Sarah…” (Incorporating a recipient's name in the email subject can elevate open rates by 26%.)

✅ Exhibit awareness of their profession, workplace, and personal interests.

✅ Engage with their recent social media activity.

✅ Bring up latest developments within their organization.

✅ Identify shared interests or experiences, such as career paths or educational backgrounds.


Emails perceived as originating from a real person are more trustworthy than those from businesses. Using an individual's name as the sender and showcasing a human face over a logo establishes a genuine, relatable connection.


Convey the significance of their response to you. Share that:

  • you've been closely observing their ventures for a while;
  • they were top-of-mind when shaping a particular offering;
  • you respect their product approach or communication style, etc.

5/ Provide Value 

👉🏻Be relevant or be deleted. Clearly communicate the value or benefit the recipient will gain from your email.

In today's digital age, consumers are bombarded with endless marketing messages. Being relevant is a marketer's secret weapon; without it, messages risk being ignored. For marketers, achieving relevance isn't just a goal, it's the linchpin of effective communication, ensuring their messages stand out and resonate.


💡 Follow this creed: give before expecting returns. 

Highlighting value in cold email subject line and/or ice-breaker leverages the principle of reciprocity. Offering tangible insights or resources evokes a natural response. Like gratitude for a kind deed, a beneficial email encourages a reply, profiting both parties.

6/ Keep it Concise

👉🏻Keep your emails short and direct; readers' time is precious.

In today's fast-paced world, attention spans are dwindling. A Microsoft study found that the average human attention span is now only 8 seconds, shorter than that of a goldfish (!) Hence, concise emails are crucial, as readers often skim content, seeking information quickly without investing much time. After all, in this time-sensitive era, every second counts, and respecting your reader's time can make all the difference.

7/ A/B Test

👉🏻Experiment with different email formats, subject lines, and content to discover what works best for your audience.

A/B testing is a vital tool in email marketing, allowing businesses to optimize their campaigns. By sending two variations, A and B, to different subsets of an audience, marketers can analyze which one performs better in terms of open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. 

According to a report by HubSpot, emails with personalized subject lines are 50% more likely to be opened. Additionally, a study from Campaign Monitor revealed that segmented campaigns, often derived from A/B testing insights, can increase revenue by up to 760%. By continually refining based on results, businesses can ensure their emails are as effective as possible.

8/ Track and Analyze

👉🏻Use email tracking and analytics tools to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns and make data-driven improvements.

Unlock the power of email analytics with UnliScale. Discover if your email has been opened and the frequency, offering a clear window into recipient interest. 

UnliScale provides key insights regarding your recipients behavior and allows you to assess your Recipient's level of interest.

UnliScale for Gmail lets you know in real-time :

👏 when someone opens your email, 

👏and track the number of times they are readen.

👏You will have a clear view on your open rate,

👏click rate, 

👏number of time your e-mail was re-opened, 

👎​if it went to the spam folder,

👎​or the trash.

9/ Follow-Up Strategically

Don't be afraid to send follow-up emails, but do so strategically, providing additional value or addressing unanswered questions.

👉🏻UnliScale will provide game-changing data and empower you to craft perfectly tailored follow-ups, enhancing engagement. Elevate your digital strategy and foster stronger connections with this indispensable tool.

Follow-up emails can be pivotal in maintaining engagement. While persistence is key, it's crucial to be tactful. Instead of merely reiterating your initial message, offer supplementary information or address potential concerns. 

👊This approach not only reinforces your intent but also demonstrates a commitment to adding value to the recipient's experience.

Adapt your follow-up according to you readers level of interest : 

10/ Continuous Learning

Stay updated with the latest trends and best practices in email marketing to adapt and refine your approach over time.

💡Best blogs for Pro tips: 

Closing Thoughts

In the era of Do-It-Yourself Marketing, savvy marketers are stepping up, leveraging cutting-edge tools to craft irresistible, bespoke emails that drive phenomenal results. With UnliScale by your side, complemented by our top-tier tech squad, designing compelling cold email campaigns becomes effortlessly easy, even for marketing newcomers. 

Dive in, elevate your email game, and propel your brand to stellar heights! 🚀📧🌟

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