8 Tips to Optimize Your Subject Cold Email Line

5 October 2023


Cold emailing is a nuanced technique that requires a balance between being direct and subtle, which isn't always easy… The relevance of the subject line is the element on which your entire email campaign is based.

Imagine this scenario: You've got the world's most incredible product or service at your fingertips, an email meticulously written, and a perfect video pitch. But here's the catch ➡️ if your recipient doesn't open that email, all your efforts go up in smoke 💨.

Think of it like this: On a dating app, you might be a perfect match 🥰 with someone without knowing it, but if the other person simply swipes past your profile the connection will never happen…

In the realm of cold emailing, you must capture the recipient's attention in a few brief words with the best subject line possible. It requires both a visual and a semantic trigger. It's a truly delicate mission.

💡 Your subject line should be inspirational, intriguing, even disruptive – something that resonates in your prospect's mind. It should be strong enough to compel them to click to see more.

Some interesting stats about Subject lines :

47% of email recipients open email based on the subject lines alone
22% of e-mails with personalized subject lines are more likely to be opened
Here see all the data here.

But don't fret! We've covered you with an article that provides 8 tips for creating a memorable impact with your subject lines. 🚀📧.

So, dive in and elevate your cold email game to new heights! 😊✨"

#1. Picture Your Persona

To be impactful, it is not enough to write a beautiful sentence.

This phrase should resonate in the mind of your recipient; for that, you have to know them well! Even more so in the context of cold emailing. When you are in the phase of creating the emailing sequence: put yourself in the person's place, in their head.

Ask yourself:

  • What can make the difference between 2 sentences? (Don’t hesitate to do A/B testing for that)
  • Which word will be most appropriate? (Defining your keyword in advance is essential)

🧑🏻‍💻 A 22-year-old CEO will not be sensitive to the same things as a 55-year-old CEO!

▶️ Example

Imagine you're targeting busy professionals in the tech industry. Your subject line might be:

  • Cutting-Edge Solutions for Tech Innovators

#2. Get Straight to the Point

You do want a quick and clear result and to reach the right prospects.

Use your keywords! Don't beat around the bush.

Subject lines should be short and to the point, typically between 6-10 words. A shorter subject line is more likely to grab attention.

▶️ Example

Do you sell #business #training? → Your keywords such as #online, #training or #class should be in your subject line as:

  • Unlock Your Full Potential with Our Online Training!
  • Become an Expert in [Field] – Join Our Online Classes
  • Master [Skill] with Our Online Courses – Enroll Today!

#3. Share Value

This technique invokes empathy with the goal of growing your community. It aims to connect with people who match your brand values.

To captivate your audience, ensure that your subject line conveys value’s keywords.

This approach shows that you are focused on the recipient's needs and interests, increasing the chances of a positive response.

List of values/keywords (as an example):









▶️ Example

  • [BRAND NAME]: Join a Community Committed to Integrity and Responsibility

#4. Use Cultural References

More than ever, you need to know your target well, particularly their age and origin. Because a well-used cultural reference can be very powerful in encouraging clicks and consolidating a community.

In the field of marketing, we often draw cultural references from entertainment: films, and TV shows.

Here are some iconic quote references quite universal that can be transformed into in your subject line:

"May the Force be with you."

I'll be back”

Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get”

May the odds be ever in your favor”

I'm the king of the world!”

Winter is coming”

To infinity and beyond!”

Do you have all the references? ☺️

▶️ Example

  • Game of Leads: Conquer Sales with Our Strategies
  • Breaking Bad Habits: Transform Your Business with Our Solutions
  • Stranger Things Happen When You Upgrade Your Marketing
  • The Force Is Strong with Our New Marketing Tools 🌌

#5. Inject Humor

You need to find that perfect funny twist that'll make them smile or even laugh, prompting them to click on your email. The sentence should be relative to your product or service.

Mastering this humor technique can be a game-changer. It not only helps break the initial barriers but also creates a warm and friendly image for your brand.

▶️ Example

  • Coffee's Hot, and So Is Our Deal: Grab It Before It Cools!
  • Free Cookies Inside! (Just Kidding, but We Do Have Something Sweet)

#6. Be Mysterious

If your target is a curious person who loves adventure and innovation, a mysterious subject line will definitely get a click!

Mysterious subject lines can work because they pique the recipient's curiosity and compel them to open the email to learn more.

When crafted effectively, they create a sense of intrigue or suspense, making the recipient want to uncover the hidden message or information within the email.

▶️ Example

  • The Secret to Success Lies Within...
  • Are You Ready for This?
  • The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

#7. Leverage Brainstorming with ChatGPT

Have you just finished writing your great marketing email but can't find the subject line? ChatGPT will be your best ally. You give him your email and ask him to suggest Subject lines to you.

In your prompt, you can add some settings such as the style you want.

▶️ Example


“Could you please give me 5 Email Marketing subject lines in order to get a call with prospects (cold email) to sell my digital platform for trainers?

[Name of my solution]


[Services provided]

[Target of this emailing]

[CTA requested]”

⚠️You need to personalize your Prompt with your business information. The more ChatGPT has information, the better will be your Subject lines.

  • Revolutionize Your Training: Discover Our Powerful Digital Platform!
  • Unlock Success with Our Cutting-Edge Trainer's Digital Platform
  • Elevate Your Training Game: A Personalized Demo Awaits!
  • Achieve Training Excellence with Our Digital Toolkit - Let's Chat!
  • Transform Your Training Business: Schedule a Consultation Today

#8. Use numbers and stats

Incorporate specific numbers or statistics to make your email subject more concrete and compelling.

Numbers can highlight the quantifiable benefits that the reader will gain from opening the email. For instance, "Increase Your ROI by 30%" is more persuasive than a vague promise like "Boost Your ROI.”

Numbers can be used to create a sense of scarcity or urgency. Phrases like "Only 3 Days Left" or "Limited to the First 50 Customers" convey a sense of exclusivity that encourages action.

▶️ Example

  • Increase Your Website Traffic by 50% in Just One Month
  • 3 Quick Stats That Will Transform Your Social Media Strategy
  • Join the 80% of Marketers Who've Revolutionized Their Campaigns

Remember that in cold email marketing, it's crucial to provide clear and concise information about the value your platform offers, and to follow up with a compelling email body that addresses the prospect's needs and pain points.

Additionally, personalize your emails as much as possible to increase the chances of engagement and conversion.

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