Create the perfect cold email with hyper-personalization (3/4)

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2 October 2023



Did you know? Research shows that 71% of customers expect to receive personalized content, and 76% feel a lot of frustration when this doesn’t happen (McKinsey & Company, 2022).

The key to e-mail opening and conversion are HYPER-PERSONALIZATION and A GREAT ICEBREAKER

Let us show you how it is done 👊 and your cold emails will warm up even the chilliest lead 🥵.

In today’s agenda: 

→ Be relevant or be deleted

→ The power of e-mail Hyper-personalization

→ Common copying mistakes we've all made

→ Best hacks to start hyper-personalizing your emails

Be relevant or be deleted

Being relevant is a marketer's secret weapon.

According to our study and as stated in our Article +20% on your Open rate by using MailTracker, emails featuring personalized subject lines have a 36% higher open rate. 

Crafting the perfect cold email is an art. To stand out in a cluttered inbox, embrace hyper-personalization. 

👉Start with an engaging icebreaker, showing a personal interest for them. 

✅ By proving you have done your homework, you are showing you invested today’s most precious resource on them: time. 

✅ This not only captivates their attention but also fosters trust. 

✅ With that genuine connection established from the outset, you are generating empathy and you're poised to see a boost in conversion rates. 

Make every word resonate, and your cold email will warm up even the chilliest lead.

Make yours the Power of hyper-personalization

👉Statistics show that email personalization increases email click-through rates by around 139% (SuperOffice, 2022), so imagine what hyper-personalization will do to it 🤯 🤩?

Personalization Versus Hyper-Personalization

Hyper-personalization is all about crafting an extremely customized e-mail to your target, through the usage of behavioral and real-time data of your leads, which are in part provided by Mailtracker.

Personalization can be targeting a specific lead segmentation; sending a cold e-mail with a personalized name’s field and content based on it’s market/industry segment. However, hyper-personalization is akin to the highly tailored recommendation systems used by Amazon or Spotify.

Track changes in your target's behavior

Hyper-personalization allows you to move past fixed target segments and hone in on the evolving nature of the targeted clients.

Why is this crucial?

Leads and their behaviors constantly evolve. MailTracker is the most powerful tool to help you monitor whether your lead has opened your emails and track the number of times they have opened them.

With hyper-personalization, you're equipped to stay in tune with these shifts and preemptively address their needs, ensuring a loyal and satisfied base.

Send fewer, better-quality e-mails

Our data revealed that emails sent at a high volume consistently yielded lower reply rates. While highly customized templates sent in smaller batches consistently achieve better conversion rates.

Similar findings were made by Drift, and here are their statistics - the killer combo to boost email engagement is coupling (hyper)personalization with targeted smaller audiences.

email engagement personalization

💡Mailtracker Tip

We strongly advise against mass e-mailing.

By sending just 20 personalized, ultra-designed e-mails to a highly relevant target, you can achieve a conversion rate of up to 50%.

Common copying mistakes we've all made

Remember, the average reply rate for personalized campaigns stands at 9% (source: campaignmonitor). 

Here is why : 

You are focused on yourself

→ Your reply rates will plummet quickly if you begin by immediately talking about yourself. 
→ Avoid leading with self-focused content. 
→ Prioritize your reader's needs, showcasing how you can address their challenges.

Your Message is too generic  

→ Avoid generic, mass-produced emails. 
→ Instead, utilize templates with customizable fields to make your messages feel more tailored to each reader.

Your e-mail feels over-promising. Can you really deliver? 

→ A promising offer needs credibility and You forgot to Showcase Social Proof. 
→ Provide evidence or testimonials that you can indeed deliver on your promises.
→ Refer to an example that feels relevant for them, addresses a painpoint and triggers their personal interest

Best hacks to start effectively hyper-personalizing your emails

Email personalization and segmentation are closely linked, much like two sides of a coin. 

Once you've divided your mailing list into specific groups based on criteria such as demographics and psychographics, the next step is to tailor your email content according to the unique details and traits of each recipient.

Follow the guide, step by step.


✅Invest time, do your research: you need to learn as much information about the individuals you are targeting

✅Find their website; LinkedIn; Social Media

✅Learn about their individual characteristics, interests, preferences, desires

✅They navigated your website? This encompasses needs, browsing patterns, buying habits, and any other relevant data you may know


An Icebreaker is a unique sentence tailor-made for each one of your leads. The key to a perfect Ice Breaker? Show interest and empathy. 

✅call them by their first name “Hello Sarah,...” (Adding a customer’s name to the email subject line can boost open rates by 26%.)

✅show them that you know what they do and where they work and that you are aware of their interests, preferences, hobbies, likes, and dislikes

  • comment on your lead's most recent posts on social media
  • comment on current news from his/her company
  • find common points to discuss (career trajectory, school, etc.)


People tend to trust emails that appear to come from an individual rather than a business. Using a person's name in the "from" field and displaying a face instead of a logo helps create a more personal connection, fostering trust and relatability.


Let them know how important it is for you to get their reply. Tell them :

  • you have been following their activity for months;  
  • you had them in mind when tailoring a certain service; 
  • you admire their product/strategy/way of communicating (subject)… etc.

Your copy must connect and resonate with each distinct segment or even each individual recipient. In short - Begin with simple strategies and progressively advance to more intricate campaigns, weaving in multiple personalization tricks together.

Source: Venture Beat.

Wrap up

In today's DIY Marketing age, smart marketers seize the moment, harnessing powerful tools to engage their leads with captivating, tailored emails for outstanding business outcomes. 

Thankfully, MailTracker and our team of tech ensure creating striking emails is a breeze for all, empowering even the newest marketer. 

So, take charge of your email campaigns and watch your brand rocket!

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