Find, Write, Send, and Follow-Up Like a Machine: A Strategic Blueprint (4/4)

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13 November 2023


Heey Mailtrackers 😄 Wondering why the hell your inbox isn't overflowing with email replies? Dive in to discover the secret of machine-like e-mailing campaign!

👉​In the digital age, efficiency and automation are key. The ability to streamline processes and tasks can significantly boost productivity

🤙​When it comes to managing email outreach, finding potential contacts, drafting compelling messages, sending them, and following up – a systematic approach is essential

👇​The following strategy outlines a plan that combines the best of technology and communication tactics.

1. Find: EmailFinder, Hunter, and LinkedIn

⚡​Objective: Locate potential contacts that align with your business goals.


EmailFinder: Begin by leveraging EmailFinder to pinpoint potential leads or contacts. 👉This platform is adept at procuring email addresses associated with domains or businesses

If you're targeting a specific company or industry, input the associated domain to retrieve a list of potential contacts.

Hunter: Complement your search with Hunter. 

👉Beyond just email addresses, Hunter provides valuable information about the company, the role of the contact, and even how often that particular email format is used, lending confidence to your outreach.

LinkedIn: Don’t neglect the power of professional networking. Use LinkedIn to cross-verify the information you've obtained

👉Additionally, it offers insights into a contact’s professional background, endorsements, and shared connections. 

👉These nuggets can be instrumental when personalizing your outreach.

2. Write: Template Library and Chat GPT

⚡Objective: Craft messages that resonate with your audience.


Template Library: Start with a base. Using a template library ensures you’re not reinventing the wheel. 

👉These libraries offer tried-and-tested subject lines and content structures proven to get responses. 

👉Select a template that aligns with your purpose, be it networking, sales outreach, or collaboration requests.

💯​The most effective cold emails are always those that are personalized and tailored to the recipient's specific needs and pain points. 

🚀Using a template as a starting point and then customizing it for each recipient can increase your chances of getting a response.

Here are our top 3 template libraries:

HubSpot's: Their website offers a range of resources, including a library of cold email templates suitable for various scenarios, from reaching out to a potential client to following up after a networking event.

✅Yesware: Their cold email template library is designed for different situations and aims to help increase reply rates. 

✅Close: Previously known as, Close is a CRM built for inside sales teams. Their blog provides a range of sales email templates, many of which are suitable for cold outreach. 

Chat GPT: Infuse your chosen template with a personalized touch using Chat GPT. 

👉This AI-driven tool can help refine your message, ensuring it's tailored to the recipient. 

Input the information you've gathered during the 'Find' phase, and let Chat GPT suggest edits or rephrasings to make your email engaging and specific to the contact.

3. Send: UnliScale

⚡Objective: Efficiently dispatch emails to your curated list.


UnliScale: Rather than manually sending out each email, use UnliScale. 

🤙​Think of UnliScale as your personal email assistant; our tool allows for bulk email sends without sacrificing personalization, ensuring each recipient feels genuinely addressed. 

🤙​Designed specifically for Gmail users, our tool seamlessly merges your spreadsheet or Excel data, allowing you to send personalized bulk emails with ease. 

Upload your list of contacts and pair each with its tailored message crafted in the 'Write' phase. Schedule your sends during optimal times, perhaps when your recipients are most likely to check their emails, such as weekday mornings.

💯The unique advantage? UnliScale ensures your carefully crafted emails steer clear of the dreaded spam folder. 

🤙​By dispatching emails in strategically timed batches, it determines the volume and timing that works best. This not only maximizes engagement but also ensures each email stands out. 

4. Follow-Up: Chat GPT and UnliScale

⚡Objective: Ensure continuity in communication and enhance the likelihood of a response.


Chat GPT: Not every email will get a response on the first send. That's where the power of a follow-up comes in. 

👉​As seen in Article number 2. use Chat GPT to draft follow-up messages that are both persistent and courteous. Ensure you reference the initial message and reiterate your purpose succinctly.

UnliScale: Once again, leverage UnliScale for your follow-up sends

👉​Utilize its features to track which recipients opened your initial email, how many times they opened it, whether they clicked any links inside the email (click-through rate), how much time they spent reading the email and if they forwarded the email or responded to it. 

👉​Tailor your follow-up strategy accordingly – those who didn’t open might benefit from a varied subject line, while those who did might need a pesonalized approached.

👉​The tool allows you to know who are the 10 people who interacted the most with your e-mail, aka, the most interested ones, and contact them 1 by 1 with a tailored follow-up e-mail.

Take Aways 

This Strategic Blueprint allows you to:

Efficiently Use your Time: Instead of randomly following up or focusing on less interested recipients, you can prioritize those showing genuine interest, making your outreach more effective.

Refine your Email Strategy: By consistently observing who interacts most with your emails and understanding why, you can refine your future email campaigns to better cater to your audience's preferences.

✅Build Stronger Relationships: By recognizing and reaching out to the most engaged recipients, you pave the way for building a stronger, more personal relationship with them, which can lead to better business outcomes.

With this systematic approach, you're not just throwing messages into the digital abyss and hoping for the best. You're methodically locating potential contacts, tailoring messages to their professional persona, sending emails at optimal times, and diligently following up. 

By combining technological tools like EmailFinder, Hunter, LinkedIn, Template Libraries, Chat GPT, and UnliScale, you're not only optimizing your outreach process but also exponentially increasing the chances of a fruitful response. 

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