Freelancers: Up your game by crafting personalized emails to match new clients!

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11 december 2023


✍🏽 Writing is a lost art, and yet, taking the time to craft a personalized email can make all the difference.

Many solo entrepreneurs in digital and marketing work with a handful of clients on a regular basis. One client is precious for freelancers — sometimes a commitment lasting several months or even several years. To secure a new client, thorough research is key in order to get a 'match.' The client and the freelancer must be on the same page for an optimal professional relationship. It's a bit like a dating app; everything needs to be perfect for the first date.

Cold mass emailing would be absolutely useless while a well-crafted message can make all the difference.

Knowing how to write the right words at the right time to the right person — that's the secret to the 'match.'😎

But for that, don't bother asking your friend ChatGPT. But for that, don't bother asking your friend ChatGPT. It would be best to give a bit of your time and sweat 😉. You don’t catch the right client by chance. You need to make an effort:

  • You must know everything about your target
  • Then write the right message (with a bit of your soul in it)
  • Be prepared to fight for it (follow up over and over again in a creative way)

💪🏽Authenticity, Determination, and Bravery pay off, in business as in dates :)

In this article, we break the ice for you, freelancers on How you can attract new clients with your writing.

Get ready to whip out your finest pens. 🖋️✨

I. How to Write Your Personalized Email?

Research your targeted client

Before writing, immerse yourself in the world of your potential client.First, explore the company’s digital footprint: understand their pain points and familiarize yourself with their preferences. How old is the company? What are strengths? Weakness? You must know the organization chart, the products, the location, the environment of the company…

Then “play the man”🤵🏽: understand everything about the person to whom you are going to send your email. Use LinkedIn, social media, or even friends you have in common. Ask yourself: What is her outfit? What is their position in the company? What could their hobbies be? How can I help?

⛏️ Dig deeper: The more details you have, the more impact your message will have.It’s not just an email; it’s a tailor-made message that speaks directly to them.

Develop Your Storytelling

Based on all the information you've gathered, you can start crafting your story. The story of what led you to this point. The little anecdote that fits perfectly. How did you come across the company or the person you're sending the email to? The hook should be strong and personalized enough to intrigue your recipient and keep them reading.

After the hook, briefly introduce yourself—just a teaser, an invitation to learn more. Just enough for your potential client to be curious to know more about you.

It's a balancing act.

📖 A well-crafted story creates a connection, making your email more than just a pitch—it becomes a conversation starter.

😉Tips: When telling a story, think about the 5 senses! It's often overlooked, but in a good story, there are often references to the 5 senses to create an emotional connection with your targeted client. 🤔✨

Craft Your Call-to-Action (CTA)

In a first contact email, I recommend a subtle Call to Action (CTA), simply inviting either to a meeting or providing a Calendly link.

If you live in the same city or plan to visit soon, suggest a meeting not far from your client's company, in a place that appeals to them. The choice of the location is crucial; it should be perfect.

At the end of the email, your contact should feel like grabbing a coffee with you and eager to hear what you have to say. ☕️🤝 They should even be excited about it.

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I know as a freelancer, we don't have time to waste on writing stories! But it's not time wasted. Taking the time to write a personalized email to a client you really want to work with will pay off.

Sometimes, life works in mysterious ways. When you give of yourself, of your time, there is bound to be a return, but not necessarily the one we expect.

So, embrace the art of storytelling and watch how it unfolds in unexpected and rewarding ways. 🌟

II. Tips for the Format

📧A well-written email is not just about the content—it's also about how you present it. Consider the following aspects to enhance your email's effectiveness:


When writing an email to a specific person, don't hesitate to compose longer emails. Unlike marketing-formatted emails, a well-written, authentic, and story-telling email will be read through to the end.

⚖️Once again, it is a balance to find. Respect your client's time while ensuring you cover the essentials.


Your personalized email should read like a captivating story, with a rhythm that keeps the reader engaged. You can introduce tension by addressing a pain point or presenting a solution, building anticipation for what comes next.

There should be a sense of dramatic tension in the email. Alternating rhythms and ideas that captivate the reader. Much like the script of a series, with every sentence leaving the reader eager to discover the next one.

Creative Writing

Let loose! Forget SEO formatting techniques. We want to feel your passion.

Create a rhythm with relatively short sentences, line breaks, bold words, and emojis.

Break free from the mundane. Inject creativity into your writing to make your email memorable. Use vivid language, metaphors, or anecdotes that resonate with your client. Creative writing not only captures attention but also leaves a lasting impression. 🚀✨

Have fun with your writing! If you enjoy writing, the reader will enjoy reading it. 📝😄

In Conclusion: your personalized path to success

Freelancers, the era of generic outreach is fading. Elevate your game by embracing the power of personalized emails. Become a magnet for clients who not only need your skills but resonate with your unique approach.

Craft each email with care, and watch as your personalized touch becomes the magnetic force that attracts new and exciting opportunities to your freelance journey.

👉🏻Article written without AI :) / Article AI-free: “Tom, do you have a certificate for that?🤣🤣“

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