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Email Tracking
Tom Benattar
22 November 2023



Have you ever felt that moment of uncertainty when crafting an email to an important prospect, wondering: "How can I make this email stand out so the prospect realizes it was sent manually?

Every time I write an email to my prospects, leads, or partners, I pay great attention to personalization. It's hard to imagine the amount of time I spend gathering critical information about my recipients. The content I include in the emails is unique and cannot be found automatically on the web.

Cold email mistake

In today's world, we receive numerous emails daily, and often, these are generated by automated platforms for cold emailing.

The perceived value of an email sent via such a platform is 1, while a 100% manually sent email has a value of 10.

Imagine receiving an email where it's evident that the sender has taken the time to review your LinkedIn profile, visit your website, and research your clients. Even if the offer doesn't interest you, you're 10 times more likely to respond, right? This is because the sender has shown consideration for you and invested time before reaching out.

This is the theory of engagement.

People are engaged not by ideas but by facts. In this instance, the fact is that the person who sent this email invested time in it, which I should take into consideration.

Our goal at MailTracker is to significantly impact your emails, demonstrating to your recipients that you have personally crafted and sent each message. We dedicated considerable effort to addressing this issue.

The Signature ✍️

Our solution was straightforward: add a signature to all our emails clearly stating, ‘Email typed by hand ✍️ in XX. Send manually from City’ along with a certified embedded page displaying details like the time spent writing the email and the sender's location.

No doubt, this email was sent uniquely to me, for me, and not by a bot.

We've also developed a page where recipients can view additional information about the email they've just received.

And that worked like a charm!

The result

The results were astounding:

1. My reply rate for all cold emails now exceeds 75%. Before it was above 40%.

2. I gain more insights about my recipients, as anyone who clicks on my certificate provides information like their location, which isn't possible with Gmail email tracking.

3. I spent 50% less time crafting the perfect sentence to convey that the email was sent manually.

N.B. This is not an excuse for not personalizing your email and sending the same email numerous times. But now you can focus on the value for the recipient and not just on the personalization.

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