How I have 99% reply rate on my emails (4/4)

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2 October 2023


Heey Mailtrackers 🕵️😄

Wondering why the hell you don’t have 99% reply rate on your email? Here's the answer!

In today’s agenda: 

→  What the hell is the TSHF method?

→ The TSHF framework and performance criteria to focus on

→ Get 99% reply rate by using this simple method

🤨 What the hell is the TSHF method?

💥 TSHF is a 4-step framework: Target, Subject, Hyper-personalization, and Follow-up.💥 

It's a tactical cold e-mailing strategy for all businesses that has been created and used extensively by the Mailtracker team.

TSHF is a growth hacking framework that enables marketers to grow their reply rate quickly, efficiently, and reliably. 

Each step in the framework addresses a different key element one should address when building a prospecting e-mail campaign:

  1. Target: identify "hot prospects”
  2. Subject: get their attention
  3. Hyper-personalization: build trust 
  4. Follow-up: convert the opportunity

The TSHF framework and Key KPIs

Each stage can be optimized, but it's important to identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) for each one and focus your efforts on these different KPIs so that you can subsequently adjust your e-mail marketing campaigns. 

The aim is to improve your conversion rate from one stage to the next, and ultimately to significantly increase your growth by building a sustainable strategy that works for you.

Get 99% reply rate by using this simple method

1.🔍 Target: identify "hot prospects”

🙌 Precision enhances results

As you probably remember from article #4, when sending cold emails, your audience size and segmentation are keys. Indeed, personalized e-mails sent to less than 100 prospects get an average of 24% reply rate, +13% than a general email sent to a non-segmented target. 

"Targeting everyone" is a paradox in effective marketing. By attempting to appeal to all, one often appeals to none. Successful strategies demand specificity; understanding and addressing distinct needs ensures meaningful engagement. 

Mailtracker’s Essential tips that can boost your conversion rate to 99%

MailTracker will help you understand their Behaviors

Get alerted in real-time with Mailtracker extension

Know exactly when your email is opened and receive a notification in real time and follow-up on time. Email tracking gives you the power to perfectly know how interested your target is in your offer. 

👉 Identifying "hot prospects" in emailing is crucial for effective marketing

The process starts with a well-defined audience. By identifying and understanding personas, marketers can craft tailored messages that resonate deeply. 

Personas represent archetypical users based on research and insights. Without them, emails can seem generic, leading to low engagement. Targeting specific personas ensures the right message reaches the right audience, increasing the chances of conversion. In essence, understanding your audience is foundational for successful prospecting, making the identification of personas not just beneficial, but essential.

By analyzing engagement metrics like open rates, click-throughs, and responses, marketers can pinpoint recipients most interested in their offerings. 

Focusing on these prospects ensures efficient resource allocation, higher conversion rates, and a more personalized communication strategy. 

2.🫡 Subject: get their attention

By now, if you read our articles thoroughly you already know that writing the perfect subject line can get you a +20% open rate when they are optimized.

The key to writing the perfect email subject lies in grabbing the recipient's attention immediately. In the age of information overload, a subject line must stand out amidst a sea of notifications. 

By crafting an attention-grabbing subject, you increase the chances of your email being opened and read, making it the first crucial step in effective email marketing.

Just for you, beautiful Mailtrackers, here is the list of 17 cold email subject lines proven to get over 25% Open Rates, and Here are our top 5 for “best subject line”.

Mailtracker’s Essential tips that can boost your conversion rate to 99%
MailTracker will help you grow 20% your Open Rate
Increase your Open Rate by up to 20% by understanding which subjects are converting more.
**Open Rate**: By monitoring how often and when a recipient opens your email, you can discern their initial interest. Frequent opens may indicate high engagement, while an unopened email can suggest the opposite.
**Link Clicks**: If your email contains links, MailTracker can show which ones the recipient clicked on. This provides insights into which parts of your content or offers they found most enticing.

To sum up:

Be brief : keep it short and sweet. Mobile devices may cut off longer subjects.

Generate curiosity: pose questions that pique curiosity

Ask questions : asking questions in email subject lines taps into our innate need for answers. 

Personalize: call them by their name, and talk about their job or topic of interest

Use storytelling, emotions, and social proof : captive your recipient, A well-told story engages; emotions fuel actions; social proof validates. 

Provide benefit and value proposition: highlight the main benefit or offer upfront

Generate FOMO and a feeling of urgency : phrases like "Last Chance" or "Limited Offer" push the reader to act promptly

Include numbers: they capture attention, offer clarity, and boost credibility instantly. 

Test and Analyze: use A/B testing for different subject lines to see what resonates most with your audience

3.😍 Hyper-personalisation: build trust 

👊The hard stuff pays off

Unfortunately, we discovered no magic solutions, easy routes, or instant remedies.

A scattered approach dilutes the message, making it less potent and impactful. Tailoring is key to resonance. 

Email copy hyper-personalization goes beyond addressing recipients by name. It dives deep into their behavior, preferences, and history to craft tailored content. This intricate approach builds trust, showing recipients they're valued, not just another contact. 

While hyper-personalization demands effort, its results are rewarding. A generic, scattered message lacks impact. Conversely, precise tailoring resonates deeply, enhancing engagement. 

👉Embracing the hard work of hyper-personalization ensures emails that genuinely connect, fostering long-term trust and loyalty.

In case you missed it, here is are the best hacks to start effectively hyper-personalizing your emails

4.💯 Follow-up: convert the opportunity

Mailtracker provides crucial feedback on your email's effectiveness. 

By discerning whether a recipient viewed your email and the frequency, you can measure their level of intrigue. 

This monitoring information revolutionizes how you adjust future correspondences to align with their engagement. In today's digital era, it's a vital instrument for enhancing tactics and deepening connections.

Mailtracker’s Essential tips that can boost your conversion rate to 99%
MailTracker will help you adapt your approach
Identify Engaged Leads
By tracking email interactions, you can identify leads who are more interested and engaged with your offerings, allowing for targeted follow-ups.
Adapt your follow-up emails based on your recipient's behavior to increase reply rate.
Reconnect with your recipients based on their actions. Adjust your strategy depending on whether they didn't open your email at all, opened it just once, or viewed it repeatedly without responding.

When re-engaging with recipients, consider their behavior to fine-tune your approach:

 **Didn't Open the Email**: They might have missed your email or found the subject line uninteresting. 

Resend the message with a more compelling subject, or segment these users for a follow-up campaign with a different angle.

 **Opened Once**: This indicates some interest. Perhaps the content wasn't compelling enough to prompt a response. 

Send a follow-up emphasizing the main points or offering additional value. 

 **Accessed Multiple Times without Replying**: This behavior suggests they're genuinely interested but might be unsure or have concerns. 

Reach out with a more personalized touch, asking if they have questions or offering additional information to nudge them toward engagement.

Wrap up

In essence, both measuring ROI and using email tracking tools allow businesses and sales professionals to make more informed decisions, optimizing strategies and resources to close more deals.


👉Monitoring and understanding your Return On Investment isn't just about measuring success. 

It provides actionable insights. If a particular email strategy yielded a high ROI, it might be worth replicating or scaling. 

Conversely, a low ROI can signal the need for strategy adjustments.

Close more deals

👉Knowing the level of a prospect's interest allows for tailored follow-ups. 

If a potential client seems very interested based on their email behavior, a salesperson might prioritize them and approach them with a more personalized touch or an exclusive offer. 

This targeted approach, informed by email tracking, can significantly increase the chances of closing a sale.

If you have any questions we're always just a message away ✉️

That's it 🤓 

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