MailTracker Manifesto: The privacy-friendly email tracking platform

Juliette Belfiore
22 October 2022


MailTracker is the tool you need to boost your business by improving your email experience. Mailtracker is a private, secure email & PDF tracking platform for Gmail. 

Are you a freelancer and have several customers from different fields, various generations, with very different organizing methods? Are you a manager who daily deals with CEOs, IT, Account Managers, Marketing department…? 

Currently, what do they all have in common: Email.

With MailTracker, you can now know if your email has been opened, when, and how many times! Also, you can track if your PDF or document encrypted into your email has been opened and the top-performing pages data📈. 

Once you start using it, you can’t live without it! MailTracker is the email tracking tool that augments your email experience without changing your Gmail interface or your working habits with your customers.

Tracker but safe! Our fundamental value – which we will never derogate from – is an extremely high level of privacy focused on everyone.

The core goal is to help businesses grow ​​to respect data privacy🔒.

Here is the MailTracker Manifesto.

MailTracker: a better email tracking platform for Gmail

What does MailTracker provide?

For each email sent, you can find out:

  • if your email has been opened
  • exactly when was it opened 
  • how many times
  • whether the email was opened from mobile or desktop

It is the same for each encrypted PDF, you can know:

  • if your pdf has been opened
  • when was it opened
  • how many times
  • which specific page was opened
  • how long your recipient spent time per page
  • if your document has been downloaded

For maximum security, when adding a PDF to your email, you can choose these additional options:  

  • Download authorization
  • Security by code

For the PDF tool, this could be very useful. For instance you could see if your client missed any highly qualified information!

Simple, efficient & useful right? 😀

Full integrated tool for Gmail & Chrome

That's a huge step for anyone who daily works with emails.

Do you send emails to your customers every day? to your employees? to your boss? to your team? or to your leads? And for you, each email matters.

MailTracker is the tiny little tool that makes a big difference. 

  • You can easily follow up with your leads or customers. 
  • You can better prepare your call in conscience. 
  • You can improve your emailing prospecting. 
  • You can better organize your production meeting.
  • You can call your boss when he misses reading valuable info…

In the picture, you can see the little check button added to your sent message, like a messaging app, you see?

MailTracker: Data Safety first‍

Our value – which we will never deviate from – is data security. We do not read your data, share it, or sell it to a third party, and we never will.

We don't read your emails

MailTracker does not have the ability to read your email! 

To be completely transparent: How does it work exactly? 

▶️ When you send an email to someone, MailTracker adds a small transparent pixel inside. The pixel is just an image 🖼️

▶️ When the recipient of your email opens it, the pixel lights up and sends the “opened email” information to our server. It’s binary, “open” or “unopened”, like 1️ or 0️. 

▶️ And so, we only create a number identification of emails and conversations (for example “1617567580158230396”). 

Our server doesn’t receive the content of the email at any time, you see? From our side, the writing content of the email is off the table!

You can always activate or deactivate the tracking

You are the master of your dog :) You can keep it on or you can remove the tracker whenever you wish. At the end of the day, Humans 👩‍🍳 are still in control, don’t you think?

In other words, if you deactivate MailTracker extension’s tracking, we don’t track it.

We never add a signature

MailTracker does not add a signature to your emails! Your Gmail interface remains the same, and so does the way you send a message.


It is a discreet tool: just a green button, and a pop-up with the related information.

You can say it is an augmented interface, with a little tool that makes your email experience even better.

We don't store IP addresses

❌We do not store or display the IP addresses and locations of recipients, nor any content of your emails in our servers. 

✔️We only store the identification numbers of emails and conversations as mentioned before.

We don't share your data to third parties

MailTracker is a security-focused platform and we don’t mess with privacy: we never share data with 3rd parties, and it never will.

We do not track across websites

The pixel tracking is only used to check if an email has opened. It won't make a ride from device to device, website to website. 

This era is over, the pixel remains where it is supposed to be.

We are GDPR compliant

GDPR principles are in MailTrack's DNA. We always think about what may be in the best interest of our users within the prism of data protection.



MailTracker users will always be aware of new changes and we will ask for their consent to do so.

Purpose limitation

The pixel tracking only gives 1 piece of information to our server with 1 related identical number created. This number is ONLY created and stored for 1 specific task: tells you if the email you send has been opened, when and how many times.



MailTracker is committed to protecting your data against internal or external threats.



Once again: we will never share data with third parties!

MailTracker: who are we?

MailTracker: already adopted by the web leaders

MailTracker is the email tracking extension already used by almost 100K people! And leading companies such as Google, Adobe, Microsoft, or IBM…

New CEO for MailTracker!

MailTracker was created by in 2015. From 2023, it flies away and becomes a subsidiary with a new sheriff in town! 

Tom Benattar – Ex co-founder & CEO of PixelMe (acq. by Carbon6) – has joined MailTracker as a CEO.  


End of Manifesto

Email tracking for Gmail

Track every emails and documents that you’ll be send. Know exactly who and when your PDF are opened and never miss an opportunity to follow up again.

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