Uncover the Secret to 20%+ Cold Email Reply Rates! (3/4)

Sales strategy
13 November 2023


Hello UnliScales ! In this episode, you get to meet Tom, Head of Growth at UnliScale, and learn very practical tips to connect with anyone. 

Anatomy of a Successful Cold Email with 23% Response Rate

🚀​​When your inbox is a battlefield of unread messages, making your cold email shine through the clutter can be a game changer. But what's the magic formula to capturing a prospect’s attention and earning a reply?🚀

​Tom, unveiled an email sequence that achieved a staggering 27% reply rate, leading to 18+ booked meetings and an impressive 72% conversion rate. 

📈Dive in to decode his secret and transform your outreach game! 📈​

The Blueprint of a Cold Email with 25%+ Success Rate


Tom reached out to +346 prospects as a crucial part of its outreach campaign.

Mission? Explore the potential of outdoor spaces in the Luxembourg Gardens vicinity, maximizing revenue through pop-up events.

Audience? Condominium managers in Paris with spacious outdoor areas at the heart of Paris, near popular spots.


So what made Tom's outreach resonate so strongly? 

1️⃣SUBJECT : Unlock the Potential of {Name of the Building} Outdoor Space: €{Price Per Outdoor Square Meters in neighborough} per Weekends Await!"

2️⃣Hello {First Name},

3️⃣Think about this: In the lush Luxembourg Gardens area of Paris, pop-up event spaces can generate up to {Price Per Outdoor Square Meters in neighborough} per weekend. 

4️⃣While condominium charges have risen by more than 12% this year in Paris, you have access to a huge source of revenue. Imagine converting the building’s outdoor space into a coveted venue for weekend cocktails, art shows, or cultural events. 

5️⃣Transforming your building’ outdoor space into a revenue stream is easier than you think: we will take care of everything. Want to brainstorm possibilities? 6️⃣Let's set up a call. Here's my calendar for your convenience.

​7️⃣Best regards,


1️⃣ Subject Line: Present an alluring promise, sparking curiosity.

2️⃣ Greeting: Striking the right tone matters. A simple "Hello [Name]" does the trick.

3️⃣Immediate Engagement: Tom prioritizes value over verbosity right from the beginning.

4️⃣Instant Connection: By addressing a specific pain point, he makes it personal.

5️⃣Flip the Narrative: He turns challenges into opportunities, enticing the reader.

6️⃣ Clear Call-to-Action: Guide them towards the desired action.

​7️⃣​ Friendly Farewell: Keep it friendly yet professional to encourage a response.

Stellar Outcomes!

Opening rate? A whopping 59.32%!


Reply rate? An enviable 25.12%!


Meetings set up? 18 and counting!


Conversion rate? Sky-high at 76%!


🚀And the cherry on top? 120k€ projected revenue.

Just think about it: Condominium managers met face-to-face within 48 hours, spawning a cascade of premium sales leads.

Your Game-Changing Takeaways

Aiming for Tom-level results or even better? 

✅Know Your Customer: Dive deep into their data for precise targeting.

✅Embrace Personalization: Use variables to craft messages that feel tailor-made.

✅Leverage Behavioral Science: Understanding decision-making boosts engagement. 

P.S.: Want to try Tom's golden strategy? Test-drive it on UnliScale. Watch as our tools and customization turn your outreach into a magnet, pulling in reply rates between 17-30%!


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