How do I track an email in Gmail?

Email Tracking
Juliette Belfiore
21 November 2022


Have you ever thought about whether your recipient has read your email? Deep down, you always wanted to find out but didn't know how?

Emails and even more PDFs have long been ignored from data tracking📊. We can get incredible data on the performance of websites, or for instance on our messaging applications, etc. On the other hand, for a very long time an email sent was simply a one-way street: we did not know if the person opposite had opened or read it. We were running blind😎...

2022 draws an important turning point in the democratization of email tracking. MailTracker is a decisive tool, which is simply added to the Gmail interface. Very effective. No need to go to another website.

Once adopted, it is very useful. Let's see how to track an email in Gmail.


1/ What is email tracking?

Email tracking means you can get precious information from a sent email. You can now know if your recipient has well opened your email, when, and how many times. It helps to optimize your business strategy.

Technically speaking, if you want to know exactly what happens with pixel tracking, I invite you to read our Manifesto.


2/ What are the advantages of email tracking?

Not being blind anymore! 😎

🤝Email tracking gives you the additional information that improves your working relationship.

When you are a solopreneur🧑‍💻, for example, email is a must in interacting with multiple clients. Some are pretty old-fashioned and would prefer a well-written email to a Discord message, you know what I mean?

Well vis-à-vis your client or future client, you have the advantage of knowing if your email is of real interest. If your recipient has opened it at least once, multiple times. This information can really boost the way you do business.

Reward your marketing efforts 🎀

Sometimes it is very frustrating to send multiples email and never get an answer.

Well, thanks to MailTracker, your time and marketing efforts are rewarded because it provides you with ****valuable information. It will save you time to focus on people/leads who are really interested in the emails and PDF documents you send.

No need to send a follow-up email 📧

Sometimes sending follow-up emails can be intrusive. Thanks to MailTracker, you can have the right behavior. You can follow up emails but consciously. There's no need to follow up with an email if your recipient has read your email twice but hasn't replied. Maybe just give a call!

3/ Can I see who opens my emails?

Our MailTracker policy is focused on privacy. It's a bias. We want, no matter what, to focus on protecting people's data and privacy.

Therefore, you cannot see the name of the person who read your email. Why? Because our robot does not read the content of your emails. We do not store or display recipient IP addresses and locations, or any content of your emails on our servers.

In case you send your email to only one person, you obviously know whether that person has read it or not.


4/ Can I see where the recipient of my email is located?

It's the same principle as for the name of the person who opens my email. MailTracker has chosen not to collect this information to preserve confidentiality.

On the other hand, the information you obtain is about the device: you can know if your recipient opened your email from a computer💻 or a phone📱.

5/ Does Google have an email tracker?

Google does not have a tracker with a pixel. There is a feature called "Request or return a read receipt".

➡️ First of all, it is only available for work or schools set up by an administrator. If you use a account, reading receipts won’t work. This excludes freelance workers.

To find out when an email you sent has been opened, you can request a “read receipt”. Your recipient must therefore accept and declare that he has well read your email. So a read receipt is emailed to you with the time and date your message was opened.

There are many cases where you will not get a read receipt. You can consult Google Support. Read receipts must be sent individually. And when you receive a read receipt, it doesn't always mean that the recipient has read your message because it's based on a statement.

This way of communicating is so not 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣2️⃣ 😂.

6/ What is the best email tracking app?



😇 Of course :)

We are not objective, that's for sure! But if you are looking for an email tracker: with MailTracker you have a focused one! We are not a marketing tool with 50 features.

Just a tracker, but a very good one 😊

MailTracker is an email tracker, privacy-focused. It tracks emails and PDFs from your Gmail. That’s it, simple & efficient.

There are many email trackers in the market. If you are looking for an email tracker, you can easily get lost. More often than not, companies present you with complete marketing solutions with many features that you don't really need.

Here are interesting apps if you are looking for a 360° marketing solution.


MixMax is a sales engagement platform for Gmail with an email tracker feature. It automates and personalizes prospecting and cold email prospecting. It is a sales-oriented platform with an email tracking login required.


Streak is above all a fully integrated CRM with all of G Suite - Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Sheets. His specific industry is Real Estate & Venture Capital. It automatically captures data from your contacts and emails.

You are now fully aware of the benefit of using MailTracker as an email tracking tool. Not only to boost your business but also to improve your working relationships. 🙌


Email tracking for Gmail

Track every emails and documents that you’ll be send. Know exactly who and when your PDF are opened and never miss an opportunity to follow up again.

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