Which businesses should use email marketing?

Email Tracking
Juliette Belfiore
27 January 2023


Let's start with some email statistics: 💯

  • 99% of email users check them at least once a week
  • 58% of them consult them several times a day (Study by Litmus, 2019)
  • The number of emails received per day increased from 121 in 2019 to 126 in 2020, (Study by The Radicati Group, 2020)

Email is described as the most popular business lever for both professionals and people who check their emails from their mobile.

You know, email marketing is not dead!

Email marketing is less expensive than many online advertising campaigns. It's a simple and effective way to contact people who have already shown an interest in your product. Everyone still uses email in 2023.

Email campaigns are measurable in terms of data. With Mailtracker you can find out if your recipient has opened your email, how many times, and when. And if it hasn't been opened, you can choose to follow up.

However, in 2023: STOP mass email campaigns! No one wants it and clicks on it. Gmail is also very vigilant against spam. In the age of GDPR, users no longer want to be fooled.

So yes to email marketing, but great ones! Personalized emails to consenting contacts who have previously given you an email and interacted with you.

This article covers an overview of 4 niches that could benefit from email campaigns.

I. How to use email marketing effectively?

You can use email marketing to reach your target audience and promote your products or services. Here are a few tips for using email marketing effectively:

  1. Build a targeted email list of people who have already shown interest in your website,  social media followers, events…
  2. Personalize your email: use the recipient's name in the subject line and the body of the email. Personalization can increase open rates and engagement.
  3. Segment your email list. Divide your email list into groups based on demographics, interests, or behavior. This will allow you to send targeted messages to specific groups of people.
  4. Create engaging content. Use a clear and compelling subject line, and include images and videos to make your emails more visually appealing.
  5. Test and optimize. Try different subject lines, images, and calls to action to see what works best. Use analytics to track open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.
  6. Keep in mind that Email marketing is a permission-based channel, always be transparent about how you collect email addresses and what kind of content you will be sending.
  7. Be consistent, plan and schedule your email campaigns and stick to your schedule.

By following these tips, you can use email marketing to effectively reach and engage your target audience and grow your business.

II. How to use email marketing effectively?

1. Solo entrepreneurs and small business owners

💪 Benefits

When you're in business on your own, you have to start by looking for new clients. And CHatGPT won't help you with that lol**.** [In fact, he can write emails for you, as seen in our article " How to use ChatGPT to write follow-up emails?] But it will not make your sales strategy and prospecting for you ^_^

And as a solo entrepreneur, you're not looking to do mass prospecting, you want a few clients to get you started. Email is the perfect channel to personally reach a potential customer. For this, you have to put your heart and yourself into it, otherwise, no one will open your email.

You just have to get into the habit of asking for emails, online or face-to-face. Collect emails at trade fairs, give your business cards, add a newsletter subscription on your website...

Why is the guy half-naked in this gif? We'll never know... This sentence proves that ChatGPT didn't write this post, well I'm not sure it has such a sense of humor...


  • Use personalization (Over time you will have different templates that you will customize each time)
  • Address common challenges and pain points
  • Offer valuable resources and solutions (ebook, designed presentation, infographic)
  • Offer 30 min call with your calendar link

2. Online course creators and educators

💪 Benefits

For your courses = you need students.

Your training is specific by sector and by theme. You must be ultra-targeted in your prospecting so as not to waste your marketing efforts. Prepare an e-mail template per course and per subject, and personalize them as much as possible. The more personalized the email is, the more the potential student will feel considered. Therefore, the more you will convert.

A well-written and personalized email is worth much more than a random post on a social network. It won’t have the same impact at all.


  • Highlight the benefits of your courses
  • Offer free resources and previews
  • Offer a first lesson for free
  • Offer a 30-minute call with your calendar link to assess training needs
  • Use case studies and testimonials from other students

After a student completes their course, ask them to fill out a sheet with their feedback. This will help you in your further communication.

3. Wellness professionals

💪 Benefits

Since Covid, many wellness professionals as gyms, personal trainers, yoga instructors🧘🏻, and massage therapists have been able to adapt to the new reality by offering online services. It has led to an increase in demand for online wellness classes and personal training.

As a professional in the wellness sector, you definitely should use email as a communication and promotion channel. You are dealing with very different people, and their common point is email! This is the common channel for all actors that use a digital approach.

🏃🏻As a professional in the wellness sector, you absolutely must use email as a communication and promotion channel. You are dealing with very different people, and their common channel is Email.

The more your email list grows, the more likely it is to contain very different people. Segmenting your list means cutting it into several small lists of similar people. Segmentation can be done based on age, lead source, and first product purchase… the possibilities are endless!


  • Offer valuable health and wellness resources and tips
  • Highlight your expertise and credentials
  • Promote services and products
  • Propose a free trial lesson

4. Travel and hospitality businesses

💪 Benefits

There is a shift in the travel behavior of people, as more people are looking for domestic and regional travel options, outdoor and nature-based activities, and small and exclusive accommodations. Businesses are adapting and finding ways to safely welcome back travelers.

In your sector, pay particular attention to the design of your emails. People interested in your product want to travel and therefore dream.

Also, think about the timing: sending a travel email on Monday morning or Friday afternoon will not have the same impact!


  • Showcasing destinations and experiences
  • Offer special deals and promotions
  • Use inspirational images and videos
  • Offer a 30-minute call with your calendar link to discuss your client's project

Email intervenes at each stage of the customer relationship:

  • prospecting stage,
  • time of conversion,
  • customer loyalty

Whether you are a freelance designer, yoga teacher, travel planner, or online French teacher: using email marketing is essential for finding new clients.

In 2023, you have to use it intelligently and consistently, to attract customers who suit you.

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