How to write the full cold email sequence with AI and ChatGPT (2/4)

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13 November 2023


This is the 2nd of a series of 4 articles written to give you every tip you need to get more emails opened, get more replies, and close more sales. 

Unlock the power of artificial intelligence with ChatGPT to craft compelling cold email sequences. 

This guide dives deep into leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology, ensuring your outreach stands out and effectively captures your recipient's attention. Embrace the future of email marketing today with AI.

1/ Gain an easy and never-seen-before competitive edge 

Utilizing ChatGPT for cold emailing sequences can be a game-changer for businesses and individuals. Here's a detailed insight into gaining a competitive edge by efficiently prompting ChatGPT for this purpose:

✅Customization at Scale: Traditional cold emailing often requires striking a balance between personalization and scalability. 

👉🏻 With ChatGPT, users can craft personalized messages en masse by inputting specific data points, allowing for customization on a grand scale.

✅Consistent Quality: One of the challenges in cold emailing is maintaining a consistent quality across all messages. 

👉🏻 ChatGPT can produce high-quality content consistently, ensuring that every recipient receives a well-crafted email.

✅Time Efficiency: Crafting an effective cold email can be time-consuming. 

👉🏻By using ChatGPT, users can significantly reduce the time spent on drafting, editing, and refining their outreach messages.

✅Adaptable Tone and Style: ChatGPT can be prompted to adjust its tone and style based on the target audience. 

👉🏻Whether you need a formal approach for corporate outreach or a casual tone for startup founders, the AI can cater to diverse requirements.

✅A/B Testing: ChatGPT can be used to generate multiple versions of an email, allowing users to conduct A/B testing efficiently. 

👉🏻This helps in determining which message resonates best with a particular audience segment.

✅Feedback Loop: By integrating feedback from email responses, users can refine their prompts to ChatGPT, 👉🏻 thereby improving the effectiveness of subsequent email sequences.

✅Continuous Learning: As AI models like ChatGPT evolve and receive updates, 

👉🏻their capability to craft effective messages will likely improve, ensuring that users stay ahead in their email marketing strategies.

✅Avoiding Common Pitfalls: Many cold emails fall into common traps like being overly salesy, lacking clarity, or not having a clear call to action. 

👉🏻ChatGPT can be prompted to avoid these pitfalls, ensuring the emails are direct, clear, and effective.

✅Integration with CRM Systems: Advanced users can integrate ChatGPT with their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, 

👉🏻allowing for an automated yet personalized outreach based on client data and history.

2/ Pro tips, using chat GPT to write your follow-up email

When prompting ChatGPT to help with crafting a series of cold emails for a business, consider these tailored pro-tips:

1️⃣Define Your Audience Clearly 

👍Start by providing ChatGPT with a clear description of your target audience. 

👉​Understanding the demographics, profession, interests, or pain points of the audience will help in crafting more personalized and relevant email content. 

For instance, instead of saying "Write a cold email for potential clients," you could say "Craft a cold email for HR managers in tech companies about our new employee wellness program."

2️⃣ Specify the Email Sequence Stage

👍Indicate which part of the cold email sequence you're focusing on. Is it the initial outreach, a follow-up, or a final nudge? 

👉​By setting the context, you can get content that aligns with the specific touchpoint. 

For example: "Write the second follow-up email for those who haven't responded to our initial outreach."

3️⃣Set the Desired Tone and Call to Action (CTA)

👍Just like in general prompting, be explicit about the tone you want—whether it's formal, friendly, or assertive. 

👍Also, specify the desired action you want the recipient to take, like scheduling a call, signing up for a webinar, or just visiting a website. 

For example: "Craft a friendly reminder email with a CTA encouraging recipients to book a demo."

4️⃣ Provide Key Information Points 

👍Offer ChatGPT a bullet list of essential points or features you want to highlight about your product, service, or proposition. 

👉​This ensures the generated content remains focused on showcasing the value you bring to the table. 

For instance: "Include benefits like 24/7 customer support, cost savings of up to 30%, and a user-friendly interface."

5️⃣ Iterative Refinement 

👍Once you receive the draft email from ChatGPT, review it for relevance and impact. 

👉​If it's not quite right, refine your prompt by asking for adjustments or specifying areas you'd like emphasized more. 

For example: "The email is good, but can we make it more concise and add a sense of urgency?"

3/ Give it your best shot!

UnliScale prompt 

The audience: “Craft a cold email for a target audience of high-end multi-brands retail’s managers, with a CEO, business owner or buyers position in Europe, in order to introduce a new jewelry brand crashted in 18kt gold and diamonds in France”. 

Email Sequence Stage: “Write a sequence of 3 emails : the initial outreach, then a follow-up email for those who haven't responded to my initial outreach, as a friendly reminder, and finally write a last e-mail when I am not getting a reply to my first two emails”

Desired Tone and Call to Action: “Write the email in a formal and elegant manner, yet be friendly and accessible, make it sounds punchy yet professional. As a CTA, suggest to visit the website and encoura recipient to schedule for a call”

Key Information Points

“Use these key elements in the e-mail : the brand is a French jewelry brand, a world of recycled jewelry in 18-carat gold and diamonds, riding the wave of trends with its letter rings in pink, yellow and white gold in small and large versions. The jewelry is entirely made in France, and the designer attaches great importance to the quality of the materials used and the craftmanship.

Launched as a wholesale development a year ago, the brand is already present in more than 15 boutiques, with an upscale, meticulously-crafted selection.”

ChatGPT cold e-mail sequence #1 

What we think ? 

  • The subject lines are too long and boring 
  • The e-mails are good but the wording are too emphatic and not casual enough
  • The e-mails are too long and not “marketing oriented” enough

Iterative Refinement 

“Could you please re-write the initial outreach and make it more concise, be more casual and “marketing oriented” and add a sense of humour?"

ChatGPT fined-tuned e-mail #2

What we think ? 

This is a lot better ! However we do not like some of the wording like “fun fact” and “wowza” that are mis representing the identity of the brand.

Iterative Refinement 

“Good work! However, could you please rewrite this message without the sense of humor? Prefer the wording of a fashion magazine like Vogue."

What we think ? 

We are very happy with this last version. However, the CTA is a bit weak, we preferred the CTA from the first attempt but we would like to make it shorter:

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