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2 October 2023


Email: This is a series of 4 articles. Do you want to read the next articles?


Welcome onboard the number 1 email tracking tool for Gmail that lets you know in real-time when someone opens your email, and track the number of times they are viewed. 

This is the first of a series of 4 articles written to give you every tip you need to get more emails opened, get more replies, and close more sales. 

Did you know that emails are used by almost 50% of the world’s population and that the purchase decision is influenced by email marketing in 59% of e-commerce customers? (CaptainWords, 2022).

1/ Everything you need to know to track your success

Cold emailing is a prospecting strategy that involves sending an email to a potential customer with whom you have no prior connection. Cold emailing is a widely used prospecting strategy in B2B marketing: 89% of marketers say it's their main lead generation channel. This strategy allows you to be efficient and productive while keeping costs low.

Email open rate is simply the number of people who clicked on your message and opened it from your total number of recipients. 

→ It is a performance metric used to measure the effectiveness of your email subject. 

Email click rate, also known as email click-through rate (CTR), is the number or percentage of email recipients who clicked on at least one link, call-to-action (CTA), or image in your email. 

→ It is a performance metric used to measure the effectiveness of your email content. 

Email conversion (or reply) rate is the number of email recipients who completed a specific action (replied, signed up, bought a product etc.) compared to the total number of people who received it. 

→ It is a performance metric used to measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns and your success in converting email recipients into actual clients.

Email Spam rate calculates how many recipients reported your email as a spam. 

→ It is a performance metric used to measure your effectiveness in determining your target, subject line and content

Email Follow-up 

Follow up emails are emails that are sent to a recipient who has already been contacted in the past, sent in response to their actions or lack of it. They act as reminder of earlier emails that have been sent and to encourage a reply or an action. 

2/ Let’s break down the main deliverability factors 

Cold email deliverability is critical for ensuring your outreach efforts don't go to waste. Here are the main deliverability factors for cold emails :

3/  Why should you always follow up?

Our users at MailTracker sent +129M cold e-mails in the past year:

→ 70% of unanswered sales email chains stopped after the first attempt

→ Only 19% went on to email a second time

So do not miss this opportunity: if the first email didn’t do the job, a follow-up is your second chance to get a reply. 

Impact of Number of follow-ups sent 

How many times exactly should you follow up in order to get a reply? We ran the numbers, it appears that sending 2-3 follow-up emails is the most optimal. 

But note that even one follow-up email can increase your reply rate by 22%, and as you can see, hardly anyone actually follows up with prospects. 

Number of follows-up impact

Even without analyzing the content of follow-up emails, it gives you solid evidence of how important they are in your outreach strategy.

4/ Track your recipient's behavior: get x3 reply rate by following up with MailTracker

Is your response rate very low with automated e-mails? Of course yes : who wants to read random e-mails sent to thousands of people? Nobody!

Okay, that's easy to write. Nor do entrepreneurs have the time to write personal, original follow-up e-mails to every prospect. Some people won’t respond to your e-mail even after reading it ten times… So how do you do it? 🤯

It is easy - use our 3 STEPS methods

Mailtracker will help you crack the code to easily get x3 on your reply rate. The secret to it : Behavioral Understanding of your target, Adaptation of your follow-up email, and Hyper-personalisation of the content.

Mailtracker offers invaluable insights into your email's performance. Knowing if a recipient opened your email, and how often, can gauge their interest level. Such tracking data is a game-changer, enabling you to tailor subsequent communications to match their engagement. It's an essential tool for refining strategy and strengthening relationships in the digital age.

STEP 1 - Understand their Behaviors

Use the tracking data to analyze the recipient's engagement with your email and assess the Recipient's Level of Interest.

Thanks to Mailtracker, you have access to extremely relevant and effective information in your relationship with your customers or prospects: did they opened your emails? how many times have they opened it? 

STEP 2 - Adapt your approach

Make sure your message is effectively delivered by adapting.

The recipient's behavior will give you valuable feedback regarding your email strategy. You will be able to modify your approach (number of follow-up emails, e-mail subject, e-mail content, timing etc.) in order to  ensure  suitability and effectiveness.

STEP 3 - Hyper-personnalise your message

Tailor your follow-up approach and timing based on your prospects' information, needs and interest to increase trust and generate more replies. 

Following up on emails with personalized content fosters genuine connections, showing recipients that they matter. Tailoring your message indicates attentiveness and dedication, elevating the chances of eliciting a positive response and building trust, which is pivotal for effective and meaningful communication.

5/ Three examples of behavior you can monitor with MailTracker to Assess the Recipient's Level of Interest

6/ Pro tips, using chat GPT to write your follow-up email

💥📈 Adaptation and Hyper-personalisation are keys to writing follow-up e-mails but you are already tired of racking your brains writing them? 🤯

Do not worry, here are some simple tips on how to efficiently use the strength of two giants: Mailtracker + ChatGPT = Save time & Boost your Email reply rate easily!! 💪💪

👉🏻With ChatGPT, we will adapt the follow-up according to your recipient behavior information you have been provided by Mailtracker.

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