Mastering the Art of Email Introductions

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4 March 2024


You've just met a new client who is seeking a new CTO.

A friend asks you for business advice.

You are scrolling when you see a collaborator posting a recruitment request...

= And then it hits you! – You know a person who could be the perfect match!

How do I get both parties to meet?

⚖️ It is very difficult to find the right tone, and the balance line for the first introduction to come true. It's an art form requiring finesse and tact. How do you manage an introduction without seeming intrusive or overbearing? How do you avoid committing too much, especially if it doesn't work out?

💡 Fear not! You're the matchmaker extraordinaire, but let's face it – it's not your day job. You don't have endless hours to ponder over each introduction, especially if you're making them in droves.

⚡ Here's the deal: we're about to unveil a few techniques and real-life examples to nail your email introductions – effortlessly for a successful introduction between two parties.

Ready to play Cupid with finesse?

Why Make an Introduction Between Two Parties via Email?

Grow your network

Making introductions via email isn't just about connecting people – it's about creating a ripple effect of opportunity and growth. With each email sent, you're not just facilitating connections; you're shaping the future of collaboration and innovation.

  • 🚀 Expand Your Network: Introducing two parties via email allows you to expand your network by connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries.
  • 💼 Showcase Your Expertise: Each successful introduction demonstrates your ability to identify potential synergies and foster valuable connections, enhancing your reputation as a trusted connector.
  • 💡 Facilitate Collaboration: By bringing together like-minded individuals, you create opportunities for collaboration and innovation, which can lead to mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • 🌱 Plant Seeds of Opportunity: Every introduction is a chance to sow the seeds of opportunity, paving the way for future collaborations, projects, and ventures.
  • 🏆 Build Your Legacy: With each successful introduction, you build a legacy of connection and collaboration, leaving a lasting impact on your network and beyond.

Do it for free - Give Before You Receive!

In the realm of personal development, there's a timeless principle: you must give before you receive. And this is true for all facets of life.

Giving a part of your time and your network without any agenda or hidden motive is not only fulfilling but also enriching for your self-esteem. As the saying goes, "Life works in mysterious ways" and the rewards of your selfless acts will manifest in unexpected and gratifying ways.

So, don't hesitate to make introductions freely and generously. Your willingness to connect with others without expecting anything in return not only strengthens your relationships but also brings a sense of fulfillment that transcends mere transactions. 🤝🙏🏻

The 5 Steps to Crafting the Perfect Email Intro

1/ Do your homework

Before linking two people together, you must have a thorough understanding of how each party could mutually benefit the other.

Often, it's simpler to perceive the advantages of the relationship for one party over the other. When articulating the benefits becomes challenging for either party, it underscores the significance of taking ample time to evaluate whether an introduction is genuinely relevant.

This deliberation is particularly crucial if a client solicits your assistance in making an introduction.

⚠️ Keep in mind – Your reputation is on the line with every referral you make.

📢 Tips: Do your investigation! Pick up your phone and seek information from both parties or even other third parties who know them. Consult social networks, websites, resumes… All the data allows you to make the intro while being fully aware of the situation.

2/ Understand the Purposes of Both Parties

🎯 Clarity is Key: Before making introductions, clarity regarding the objectives of each party is paramount.

🤝 Aligning Goals: By aligning the purposes of both parties, you set the stage for a harmonious connection.

  • 🚀 Example 1: Startups and Investors: Consider a startup seeking funding and a venture capitalist eager to invest. Understanding the startup's need for capital and the investor's interest in promising ventures enables a tailored introduction that highlights mutual benefits.
  • 💼 Example 2: Job Seekers and Hiring Managers: Picture a job seeker aiming for career growth and a hiring manager in search of talent. Recognizing the aspirations of both parties allows for an introduction emphasizing the candidate's skills and the company's requirements.

3/ Ask for permission

This step is not an obligation, especially if it is part of your strategy to surprise one of the parties, but it is strongly recommended.

After ensuring the potential for a mutually beneficial connection, take the initiative to reach out to each party individually, seeking their consent before facilitating the introduction.

This additional step not only showcases your respect for your client's (or friend’s) privacy but also offers them an opportunity to gracefully decline if they wish. Should either party fail to recognize the value in the introduction, it's preferable to ascertain this beforehand rather than proceeding with a forced connection.

Moreover, providing a brief explanation of your intention to connect them beforehand primes both parties for the formal introduction, increasing the likelihood of a positive response.👍🏻

4/ Craft your Introduction Email

Choosing an Appropriate Subject Line to Capture the Attention

You must write a succinct subject line so that your interlocutor immediately knows what it is about.

❌ Therefore, avoid vague subject lines, but be clear and state the intent of the email upfront.

📧 Sample Subject lines 📧:

  1. "Introducing [Name] to [Name]: Potential Synergies Await!"
  2. "Facilitating a Connection: [Name] meets [Name]!"
  3. "Unlocking Opportunities: [Name] & [Name] Connection Introduction"
  4. “Introduction to [Name of the person who requested an introduction]”
  5. Introduction: [Name], [Name of the organization] meets [Name], [Name of the organization]

Structuring the Email Body for Clarity and Conciseness

  • 🌟 Authentic Engagement: Start by sharing a real-life anecdote involving both parties to captivate their attention and infuse authenticity into the introduction.
  • 💡 Clarifying the Purpose: Clearly state the primary objective of the email, which is to facilitate a meeting between the two parties.
  • 🤝 Establishing Connection: If necessary, briefly remind both parties of your relationship history to establish credibility and trust.
  • 📊 Providing Resources: Offer additional communication materials, such as a pitch deck, websites, or catalog, if it would enhance the understanding or interest of one or both parties.

📧 Sample Paragraph 📧

Hey [Name/part1],

I came across your LinkedIn post stating that you are looking for a content writer freelancer. Allow me to introduce you to [Name/part 2], the perfect fit from [Organization Name].

[Insert Authentic Anecdote Here with part 2]

[Name/part 1], meet [Name/part 2] – I have a strong feeling that your synergies could lead to exciting collaborations in the future! 🚀

As you may recall, [Briefly Remind of Relationship History with part 1, if applicable].

[Add any Relevant Communication Materials, contacts, or Resources, if necessary].

📢 Tips: The tone of this email depends on the relation you have with the party you propose the introduction. So “Hey” can be “Dear …”, you know what I mean? 😊

5/ Don’t forget the CTA

As in any other email, don't forget the CTA, this is what will start the relationship.

📧 Sample CTA 📧

  1. [Contact's Name], could you send an email to [Recommended Person's Name] to schedule a call?
  2. [Contact's Name], could you let [Referrer's Name] know a good time to come?
  3. [Contact's Name], I'll leave it to you to contact [Recommended Person's Name] for more information.
  4. [Contact's Name], would you be able to call [Referrer's Name] to discuss their ideas and benefit from your expertise before their [Activity or Task Referrer needs to perform]?
  5. [Contact's Name], do you have time to grab a coffee with [Referrer's Name] and share your experience in [Expertise Area]?

❌ Sending vague or unclear CTA can leave both parties confused about the purpose or next steps to follow.

How do you Follow up?

There are several ways to proceed, it depends on the involvement you want to offer to this potential future relationship.

Closure after intro

According to you, you have done your job and it stops here, what happens afterward no longer concerns you.

Here are some formulas: “I'll let you take it from here”. “You can remove me from this email thread in the future.”

Get involved after the intro

The introduction can be longer and you can offer to leave yourself in the CC email loop or even participate in a first call or meeting. Offering assistance or additional information if necessary.

Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Forced Connections: Trying to force connections between parties when there isn't a clear mutual benefit or interest.
  • Poor Timing: Making introductions at inappropriate times, such as during busy periods or when one party is unavailable.
  • Assuming Consent: Assuming that both parties are willing to be introduced without obtaining their consent beforehand.
  • Overloading with Information: Providing too much information or irrelevant details in the introduction email can overwhelm or confuse the recipients.

Case Studies

Case #1: Email Introduction for a CMO Position

[TO: Martin]

[CC: Ellie's Email Address]

Subject: Introduction: Ellie, a Dynamic Marketing Leader, for Your CMO Position

Hi Martin,

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to someone I believe could be a perfect fit for the CMO position you mentioned during our conversation yesterday. Her name is Ellie, and she's currently serving as the CMO at [Name of Ellie's Current Company].

Ellie and I have crossed paths before, and I can vouch for her exceptional skills and dynamic approach to marketing.

I remember our discussion about your upcoming need for a CMO, and Ellie told me in confidence that she would be open to discussing it with you.

I've taken the liberty of cc'ing Ellie on this email so that you two can connect directly. Ellie, Martin is the CEO of [Name of Martin's Company], and I think there could be some exciting opportunities for collaboration between you two.

Ellie, Martin, I'll leave it to you both to take it from here. I'm confident that a conversation between you two could lead to some exciting possibilities.

Looking forward to hearing about the outcome of your discussion!

Best regards,Paul

👉🏼Or if you know the recipient well, you can keep it very short because you are trustful enough:

Hi Martin,

Would love to introduce you to Ellie who can be a perfect match for your CMO position!

Ellie did amazing when I worked with her at [previous company].

Enjoy your chat!


Case #2: Email Introduction for a UX freelance

Subject: Introduction: Mike, a Unique and Avant-Garde UX Designer for Your Luxurious Brand

Hi Jessica,

I hope you're doing well!

I wanted to touch base with you regarding your search for a freelance UX designer for your luxurious brand. As we discussed, it's crucial to find someone with a distinct and bold style that aligns perfectly with your company's ethos.

I'm excited to introduce you to Mike, a talented UX designer with whom I've had the pleasure of collaborating. Mike's avant-garde approach to design sets him apart in the industry, and I believe his unique perspective could be a perfect match for your company's needs.

I've cc'ed Mike on this email so that you can connect directly and discuss any potential collaboration opportunities.

Jessica, I'll leave it to you and Mike to take it from here. I'm excited to see what incredible projects may come from this collaboration!

Looking forward to hearing from both of you soon.

Best regards,Olga

[CC: Mike's Email Address]


🚀 By prioritizing clarity, respect, and professionalism in your introductions, you not only strengthen your relationships but also elevate your reputation as a trusted connector and facilitator of opportunities.

💡 The most impactful email introductions are those made with sincerity and a genuine desire to facilitate meaningful connections. Approach each introduction with authenticity and generosity, giving freely of your time and network without expecting anything in return.

💌 In essence, mastering the art of email introductions is about more than just connecting people – it's about fostering relationships, nurturing collaboration, and creating a ripple effect of positivity and growth in both your personal and professional life.

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