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12 Febuary


Consideration and trust are the pillars of business, and even beyond, the values of human interactions. 💼🤝

I know, the introduction is a bit grandiose but nonetheless true, right?

Picture this: you're swamped with urgent tasks, and your inbox is overflowing faster than you can say "caffeine fix."☕ Instead of letting important emails slip through the cracks, use Mailtracker's "Read Receipt" or “I’ll Reply Later” to acknowledge receipt and buy yourself some breathing room.

Remember that Email remains the number 1 communication channel for business but that it is sometimes not as intuitive as it should be. We try to be more and more ingenious to boost your email user experience and make it friendly and efficient.

When you receive an email that holds value, coming from someone you respect, to whom you want to show attention and consideration: The new Mailtracker features are here for you.⬇️⬇️

  • “Read Receipt” feature: You acknowledge to the person who sent you an email that you have well received it.
  • “I'll Reply Later” feature: You also acknowledge to your recipient that you have received their email and commit to responding soon.

Easy peasy.👍🏻

It's very important in communication to have feedback. These features enhance your relationship with colleagues, clients, and friends without taking up your time. It brings consideration and confidence to your business and helps you consolidate solid partnerships over time.

Simple & efficient as always, without ever leaving your Gmail account.

How to use Mailtracker’s receipts and in what contexts? 📧

I. How to use Email follow-up features?

With Mailtracker's 2 new features, simply click once on the light blue button next to the "reply" and "forward" buttons in Gmail, and voilà!

Your recipient will receive a friendly email letting them know that their message has been successfully received and read. 👀

Whether you're acknowledging project details with a swift "Read Receipt" or gracefully buying yourself some time with "I'll Reply Later," Mailtracker ensures that you're always in control of your communication, leaving you free to focus on more urgent tasks. 💻💰

1. Read Receipt

Not all emails require a response, yet extending a gesture of acknowledgment to the sender is always appreciated.

A read receipt signifies that you've duly received and perused the email. While it requires understanding, it doesn't obligate you to craft a written reply.

By sparing yourself the effort of replying to every minor email, you'll free up valuable time and enhance your connections with clients, colleagues, friends, and beyond.

As soon as you click on the ‘Red Receipt’ light blue button, the sender will receive a Red Receipt Email as you can see below =

2. I’ll reply later

But then there are those emails that do require a response, leaving you in a hassle as you struggle with plenty of other emails and time emergencies as they arrive.

Click on the "I'll Reply Later" button – a lifesaver in your inbox arsenal. With a simple click, you can communicate to your sender that their message has been acknowledged, yet you need a moment to formulate a perfect reply.

It's akin to pressing pause on your email responsibilities, all without anyone getting frustrated about not getting a response.

Genius, right? ⏸️

As soon as you click on the “I’ll Reply Later” light blue button, the sender will receive a Red Receipt Email as you can see below =

II. 10 Use cases to use these new features

1. ‘Read Receipt’ Cases

  • Keeping the Boss Reassured

When an employee receives important instructions or updates from their manager, they can use the "read receipt" to confirm receipt and ensure clarity in communication. This way, your boss is reassured, and you have time to think about what they ask for, and do and make this face quietly :


  • Working Remotely Effectively

Remote work can be challenging if people aren't diligent in communication. When collaborating on a project with remote team members, use the "read receipt" to confirm receipt of important updates or documents, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

  • Valuing Networking

When someone takes the time to make an introduction, they're not just offering a connection – they're potentially introducing you to valuable contacts. Cultivating these relationships is key. Upon receiving networking emails or introductions from potential business contacts, make use of the "read receipt" to acknowledge their outreach and demonstrate gratitude for future communication.🙏🏻

  • Taking care of Customers

In customer service interactions, use the "read receipt" to reassure customers that their concerns have been acknowledged when you can't answer them within a minute. A reading receipt lets them know that they have been heard.

2. ‘I’ll reply later’ Cases

  • Being busy, but polite

When a freelancer receives a request for a project proposal during a busy period, they can use this button to let the client know they've seen the email and will respond with a detailed proposal soon.

  • Delaying your student's feedback

After receiving emails from students with questions that require research or additional preparation, instructors can use this button to acknowledge receipt and commit to responding in due time.

  • Preparing the right answer in collaboration

When receiving inquiries that require escalation or coordination with other departments, use this button to acknowledge receipt and assure the client of a comprehensive response. With this strategy, you have time to coordinate well with the team before responding, without offending anyone.

  • Researching before answering

Upon receiving an email with a complex query that requires deeper research or consultation with a third party, use this button to indicate acknowledgment and commitment to providing a thorough response.

  • Acknowledging a request for a favor

Asking someone for a favor takes courage and putting your ego aside. And responding to this favor also requires responding to it with attention. So if you don't have time to respond right away, use this button to acknowledge receipt and express your intention to respond thoughtfully.

  • Taking time to think about a long long email

Some collaborators love to write lengthy emails, filling your inbox with walls of text. However, in the middle of your workday, you may not always have the time to craft a thoughtful response on the spot. That's where the "I'll Reply Later" button comes to the rescue – a simple click and you can signal to your sender that while their message has been received, your response will have to wait until you have the time to give it the attention it deserves.

Remember, effective communication is not just about exchanging information but also about demonstrating understanding and consideration. These buttons in Mailtracker can help facilitate clearer and more responsive interactions in various contexts. 📧😊

In conclusion, Mailtracker's latest innovations are not just bells and whistles—they're game-changers for anyone navigating the wild terrain of email communication.

It deeply improves your Gmail emailing experience.

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