+20% on your Open rate by using MailTracker (2/4)

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2 October 2023


This is the 2nd of a series of 4 articles written to give you every tip you need to get more emails opened, get more replies, and close more sales. 

How to increase your Email Open rate by +20%? 

Your e-mail open rate is simply the number of people who clicked on your message and opened it from your total number of recipients. 

→ It is a performance metric used to measure the effectiveness of your email subject. 

You might want to consider what is the average open rate of a cold marketing campaign, heads-up: everything you can find online is bullshit. 

→ Open rates vary widely according to your industry: you might want to consider taking a look at the graph below

According to the 2022 marketing statistics of MailChimp, the average open rate across industries is 21.33%. 

Do you want to increase your open rate by +20%, whatever your industry?

Mailtracker provides invaluable insights into recipient behavior and engagement. 

It's a window into understanding, building your knowledge, and optimizing for your audience's behavior.

By monitoring open rates, you can gauge audience interest, refine content strategies, and tailor future communications, ensuring more effective and targeted outreach. 

Alert: we’ve decoded the magic that makes people give your e-mail a first glance, here is a guide of best practices to help you captivate and spur actions.

SUBJECT LINE - A Guide to Do’s and Don’ts

MAILTRACKER was born from the brain of 5 IT geniuses who created a unique Saas service (that has, then,  nothing to do with mail tracking) and wanted to sell it to the major players in the industry namely: Google, Salesforce, Mailchimp, etc. nothing smaller - how easy. 

They had to find a solution to get in touch with the top management and make sure they would open their e-mails. And just like that, MAILTRACKER was born.

We've done our homework, so you don’t have to. Our 5-person team has sent out 25K emails. Plus, as an international platform, we receive over 50 prospecting emails every day, an impressive number of cold emails that we've carefully curated and analyzed.

We ran brainstormed, we A/B tested, we Y/Z tested even, we carefully analyzed the content of each of these e-mails and the results of our campaigns… 

The don’ts - have you been doing it wrong all along?

Keep in mind: subject lines 5 words+ long are opened <50% of the time

A compelling subject line is crucial for ensuring your emails are opened and read. Avoiding these common pitfalls will help increase your email's chances of standing out in a crowded inbox.

The Do’s - 17 cold email subject lines proven to get over 25% Open Rates

The best subject lines strike a balance between being informative and engaging, without sounding too salesy. 

Here are key elements you should know to elevate your subject line impact and boost your open rates

GENERATE CURIOSITY: it has proven to increase the average open rate by +24%

Subject lines evoking emotion stimulate the insula, driving reactions. To harness this, cultivate curiosity. 

👉🏻Avoid revealing everything upfront; entice recipients to click and delve deeper. 

A captivating email then seals the deal.

ASK QUESTIONS: it has proven to increase the average open rate by +21%

Asking questions in email subject lines taps into our innate need for answers. 

👉🏻This curiosity prompt increases the likelihood of email opens. 

→ A study of 1.2 million cold emails revealed that question-based subjects achieve around 10% higher open rates. Questions captivate; they're a potent tool for engagement.

PERSONALIZE: it has proven to increase the average open rate by +32,5%

Personalizing email subject lines fosters a direct connection with the recipient. Tailored content resonates more deeply, making emails feel relevant and specific. 

👉🏻This personal touch significantly boosts open rates, as recipients feel seen and valued, ensuring your message breaks through the digital clutter.

USE STORY TELLING, EMOTIONS, SOCIAL PROOF: it has proven to increase the average open rate by +22%

Using storytelling, emotions, and social proof in email subject lines captivates recipients. 

👉🏻A well-told story engages; emotions fuel actions; social proof validates. 

Mention impressive numbers or well-known companies to entice the reader. Real-life examples and evidence build trust. Once clicked, deliver on promises. Honesty ensures credibility, turning curiosity into genuine interest.

PROVIDE BENEFITS AND VALUE PROPOSITION:  it has proven to increase the average open rate by +29%

👉🏻 it is a simple principle: in order to get, you need to give first. 

Providing value in the cold email subject lines taps into the power of reciprocity. By offering a helpful resource or insight, you invoke a natural desire to reciprocate. Just as we thank someone for a kind gesture, a valuable email nudges recipients to respond, benefiting both sender and receiver.

FOMO AND FEELING OF URGENCY: it has proven to increase the average open rate by +25%

Cold email subject lines harnessing FOMO effectively tap into the fear of missing out. This powerful emotion prompts action. 

Leveraging this principle sparks urgency, ensuring emails aren't just seen but acted upon. 💥No one wants to be left behind; FOMO ensures they pay attention💥.

INCLUDE NUMBERS: it has proven to increase the average open rate by +33%

In the concise space of email subject lines, numbers pack a punch. 

👉🏻They capture attention, offer clarity, and boost credibility instantly. 

Our study revealed subject lines with numbers achieve a remarkable 13.3% higher open rate, underscoring their compelling nature in sales communication.

OPEN RATE +20% - Optimized Subject lines vs. average

💡 Mailtracker tip: A good practice is to record your email objects in an Excel spreadsheet and analyze the opening results with Mailtracking. 

By focusing on top-performing subjects and refining them, one can hone the perfect subject line strategy!

🤓 Already running out of inspiration?

Worry not! Our tip for finding new inspiration: look at the article structures found on Google News.

Here are our top 5 for “best subject line”

1️⃣ The list title: "The 15 must-read novels..."

2️⃣ The teasing title: "This fashion trend you need to know about".

3️⃣ The secret is finally revealed! "MidJourney: we've finally found the prompts for...".

4️⃣ Titillating the reader's ego: "Do you really know the words to...".

5️⃣ Dismantling an established truth "No, China is not the first..."

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