5 MailSuite Alternatives and Competitors (Free & Paid)

Email Tracking
Denisa Lamaj
5 July 2024


MailSuite (formerly MailTrack) is an email tracking app designed for Gmail and other email services. 

However, if you're finding MailSuite's features or pricing to be less than ideal, or if you're exploring options for a new email tracking app, you've come to the right place.

In this article, we'll introduce you to five alternative email tracking tools that offer more advanced features to help you manage your emails more easily and effectively.

Let's dive in.

Why Switch to Other MailSuite Alternatives?

MailSuite (formerly MailTrack), while popular, has several drawbacks that may affect your email tracking efficiency. Users have reported issues such as limited data insights, no mobile app, frequent pop-ups, and a subscription-only model. If these limitations are impacting your workflow, it might be time to explore other options.

Lack of Comprehensive Data

MailSuite provides basic tracking information, such as when an email is opened. However, it lacks more detailed analytics, which can be crucial for understanding recipient engagement and improving your email strategies.

Frequent Pop-ups on Free Plan

The free version of MailSuite has frequent pop-ups, which can be disruptive and annoying. These constant reminders to upgrade can hinder your workflow and overall user experience.

Signature on Free Plan

A notable limitation of MailSuite is the inclusion of a signature in the free plan. When you send an email using MailSuite's free version, the recipient receives a notification indicating that the email is tracked with the message "Sent with MailSuite." This can be off-putting for the recipients.

In contrast, MailTracker, which also offers a free plan, does not include any such notifications. This allows you to track your emails discreetly without alerting the recipients that their email interactions are being monitored.

Not Suitable for Large Campaigns

MailSuite is more suited for individual or small-scale email tracking. If you need to manage large email campaigns, MailSuite may not provide the necessary features and scalability, so you might look for another email tracking tool.

Subscription Model

MailSuite operates on a subscription model, which some users find off-putting. A one-time payment option is not available, making it less appealing for those who prefer to avoid recurring fees.

No Mobile App

MailSuite does not offer a mobile app, which means you cannot track emails sent from your smartphone. This is a significant drawback for users who need to manage their email tracking on the go.

5 MailSuite Alternatives to Try Out in 2024

Considering these limitations, exploring alternative email tracking tools might be beneficial. Here are five other email tracking tools that offer more features to manage your emails effectively.

1. MailTracker by Hunter

Best for: Freelancers, CEOs, small and large teams.

Does MailTracker have a free plan? Yes, MailTracker offers a forever-free plan. MailTracker offers three paid plans, starting at $24/month, and you get 30% OFF if you get a yearly plan. See full pricing here.

Email Tracking: Gmail

Main Features

MailTracker was created by Hunter, the most popular solution for finding email addresses. Already trusted by more than more than three million users around the world and leading companies like Google, IBM, Adobe, and Microsoft.

Shortly, MailTracker allows you to track if your emails are opened & how many times. Be notified when your emails are read in Gmail with our advanced Email Tracking extension.

mailtracker reviews

Here are some of its main features:

Advanced Email Tracking Extension Chrome: You can use MailTracker as a Chrome Extension.  We offer a precise tracking mechanism to determine the exact number of times an email has been opened.

Instant Notifications: Get immediate email or Chrome alerts when your email is opened for the first time. Additionally, if your email hasn't been opened within 48 hours, you'll receive a "no open" notification to keep you informed.

mailtracker notifications

Follow-up Reminders: Ensure you never miss a follow-up on important emails. Set a reminder for any date, and you'll receive an email alert on that specific day to prompt your follow-up action.

follow up reminders mailtracker

Email Activity Feed: This feature provides a centralized view of all your recently opened emails, making it easy to review recent interactions. It includes a "Not Opened" tab to track which of your sent emails haven't been opened yet.

No signature in the free plan. Unlike MailSuite, MailTracker allows you to track your emails discreetly without alerting the recipients that their email interactions are being monitored.

Privacy-Focused Tracking: MailTracker respects your privacy. It doesn't read your emails, identify your recipients, store IP addresses, share your data with third parties, or manage or delete your emails.

MailTracker Pricing

mailtracker pricing

MailTracker has a Free Chrome extension that allows users to track up to 20 emails and includes a full tracking history, email alerts, and Chrome notifications.

  • The Growth plan costs $24 per user per month and adds features like link tracking and full tracking history. 
  • The Team plan is designed for high-performing teams, priced at $22 per user per month.
  • The Enterprise plan is customizable for larger teams with advanced features and support, starting at custom pricing for ten users.

Try MailTracker for free by adding it to your Chrome extension; it takes just a few seconds.

2. HubSpot Sales

Best for: For individuals and enterprises.

Pricing: Free plan. Paid plan starts at $15//month/seat

Main Features

Follow-Up Reminders: You can set reminders to follow up with contacts based on their email engagement, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to connect at the right time.

Customizable Tracking Settings: It allows you to control which emails are tracked and which are not. Easily toggle tracking on or off for individual emails, ensuring you only gather data when you need it.

Integration with CRM: Automatically log tracked emails into HubSpot's CRM, providing a seamless way to manage and analyze your email communication alongside other customer interactions.

Engagement Insights: You will gain valuable insights into how recipients interact with your emails. See which emails generate the most interest, helping you refine your email strategies for better engagement.

HubSpot Sales Pricing

HubSpot Sales offers two plans on their pricing page. It depends on your needs, whether you are a freelancer, a small team, a business, or a large enterprise. There’s a plan for all.

HubSpot Sales Pricing

For Individuals & Small Teams:

  • Free Tools: €0 (Free for up to 5 users)
  • Sales Hub Starter: €15/mo/seat - Includes everything in the Free Tools plan plus additional features such as meeting scheduling, simple automation, and calling.
  • Starter Customer Platform: €15/mo/seat - Features include all tools available in the Sales Hub Starter plan plus advanced marketing functionalities.
HubSpot Sales Pricing

For Businesses & Enterprises:

  • Sales Hub Professional: €90/mo/seat - Includes everything in the Sales Hub Starter plan plus additional advanced features such as sales automation, custom reporting, predictive lead scoring, and eSignature.
  • Sales Hub Enterprise: €150/mo/seat - Includes everything in the Sales Hub Professional plan plus enterprise-level features such as advanced custom objects, predictive lead scoring, and advanced team management tools.

3. Email Tracker by Snov.io

Best for: Freelancers and small teams.

Pricing: Free plan. Paid plan starts at $39/month

Main Features

Real-Time Notifications: You will receive immediate alerts when your emails are opened or links are clicked. This helps you track engagement and respond promptly to interested recipients.

Unlimited Email Tracking: It allows you to track an unlimited number of emails to monitor recipient interactions without any restrictions, making it suitable for both small and large email campaigns.

Email Scheduling: Schedule your emails to be sent at the optimal time, ensuring they reach recipients when they are most likely to engage.

Browser Extension: Just like MailTracker, Snov.io Email Tracker browser extension allows easy access and real-time tracking directly from your email client.

Email Tracker by Snov Pricing

Email Tracker by Snov offers three plans, including the free plan.

Email Tracker by Snov Pricing
  • Trial Plan: Free - 50 credits, 100 email recipients, 1 mailbox warm-up
  • Starter Plan: $39/month - 1,000 credits, 5,000 email recipients, 3 mailbox warm-ups
  • Pro Plan: $99/month, 5,000 credits, 10,000 email recipients

4. Right Inbox for Gmail

Best for: Individuals and small teams.

Pricing: Free Plan. Paid plan starts at $5.95/month

Main Features

Send Later: With Right Inbox, you can compose emails and schedule them to be sent at a later time. This is particularly useful for managing communication across different time zones or ensuring that your emails arrive at the optimal time for the recipient.

Email Sequences: Automate your follow-ups with email sequences. You can write follow-up emails in advance and set them to send automatically if a recipient doesn’t reply to your initial email. If they do respond, the follow-ups are canceled.

Reminders: Set reminders for important emails and conversations. This feature helps you stay on top of your inbox and ensures that you never miss a critical follow-up.

Email Templates: Create and manage email templates to save time on repetitive emails. This feature allows you to quickly insert pre-written emails and customize them as needed, ensuring consistency and efficiency in your communication.

Email Summarizer: Get instant AI-generated summaries of your emails to quickly grasp their content. This feature helps you manage your inbox more efficiently by highlighting key points.

Right Inbox Pricing

Right Inbox offers two plans: for professionals and teams. Get to know them below.

For Professionals:

  • Free Plan: Email tracking of 5 emails/month
  • Personal Plan: $7.95 per month (Billed annually), unlimited email tracking, recurring emails, reminders, and private notes.
  • Professional Plan: $14.95 per month (Billed annually), unlimited email tracking, mail merge, recurring emails, reminders, private notes, and more.
Right Inbox Pricing

For Teams:

  1. Personal Plan: $5.95 per month (Billed annually), unlimited email tracking, recurring emails, reminders, and private notes.
  2. Professional Plan: $10.95 per month (Billed annually), unlimited email tracking, mail merge, recurring emails, reminders, private notes, and more.
Right Inbox Pricing

5. Boomerang for Gmail

Best for: Freelancers and small teams.

Pricing: Free Plan. Paid plan starts at $4.98/month (billed annually)

Main Features

Email Reminders: Boomerang allows you to set reminders for follow-ups. If you don't receive a response to your email, Boomerang will bring the email back to your inbox at a time you specify, helping you stay on top of important communications.

Inbox Pause: This feature lets you pause incoming emails, helping you focus on your tasks without being constantly interrupted by new messages. Studies show that limiting email checks to a few times a day can reduce stress and boost productivity​.

Respondable: Boomerang’s AI assistant, Respondable, helps you write better emails in real-time. It provides feedback on the likely effectiveness of your emails, helping you to improve response rates and strike the right tone​.

Email Tracking: Boomerang offers powerful email tracking features, notifying you when your email is opened and when links within the email are clicked. This feature works seamlessly across devices, including mobile, and provides detailed insights into email engagement​.

Meeting Scheduling: Boomerang simplifies the process of scheduling meetings directly from your Gmail. Features like "Share Free/Busy," "Suggest Times," and "Bookable Schedule" make it easy to set up both in-person and virtual meetings with tools like Zoom and Google Meet. 

Boomerang for Gmail Pricing

Every new Boomerang account comes with a complimentary 30-day trial of Boomerang Professional. This trial allows you to explore all the premium features without any commitment. 

Boomerang for Gmail Pricing
  • Basic Plan: Free, 10 message credits/month
  • Personal Plan: $4.98/month (billed annually), all features from the basic plan, and unlimited message credits.
  • Pro Plan: $14.98/month (billed annually), all features from the personal plan, and unlimited message credits.
  • Premium Plan: $49.98/month (billed annually), all features from the pro plan, and unlimited message credits.

Which is the Best Email Tracking Tool?

MailSuite offers several useful features, but it also comes with limitations, such as no mobile app, limited free plan, frequent pop-ups in the free version, and a subscription-only model. 

If these features don't suit your needs, you might want to consider other email tracking tools that provide advanced features and better pricing. For example:

  • Freelancers: If you're a freelancer, an affordable tool like Right Inbox and MailTracker, with its free plan, could be ideal for you. It offers essential features like email tracking, reminders, and templates at a lower cost.
  • Small Teams: For small teams, Boomerang, MailTracker is a good choice. Its growth plan is perfect for scaling your operations with features like CRM integration and follow-up reminders.
  • Large Teams: For larger teams, tools like HubSpot Sales and MailTracker Enterprise plan offer comprehensive features to manage extensive email campaigns, detailed analytics, and team collaboration tools.

Many of the email tracking services mentioned offer a free trial or provide a free plan. This allows you to test different tools and see what works best for your email workflow. 

Some tools also offer additional features, such as integrating email tracking data into your sales pipelines or providing tips for improving your email messages. Test them out and see what’s best for your needs.

Go Beyond with MailTracker’s Features

For those seeking an all-in-one solution to track emails, see who reads your emails in real-time, and manage your daily emails, try MailTracker. Its features, such as real-time updates, follow-up reminders, Email Activity Feed, and more, make it the best alternative to MailSuite.

Give it a try, and add MailTracker for free to your Chrome.

Email tracking for Gmail

Track every emails and documents that you’ll be send. Know exactly who and when your PDF are opened and never miss an opportunity to follow up again.

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